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by sophia lee budget

^Took this picture last night at our monthly budget meeting…it’s a lot of Ben looking at his computer like this going “Sophie, what the f is this expense?”.  ?

Ben and I without fail spend the 1st day of the month reviewing what we spent the previous month and planning what we are budgeting for for the next month. 

It usually takes us an hour or two and it’s key to us planning our financial future.

Ben’s an accountant so he literally gets off to making spreadsheets (hahaha kidding – but he does love it). I am extremely specific with how I like to budget so he created this for us to use monthly…

PS – I uploaded it as an Excel and as a Google Spreadsheet so you can use it for yourself! Link is below for the download.

Here’s what it looks like:

by sophia lee budget-01

The great thing about this budget, which my friend from 토토사이트들 showed me initially, is you can change it to make it work for you. This is what we spend money on and what makes sense for our lives, but it will probably be different for you.

I tried to explain it as clearly as possible in the above image, but if you have any questions, comment them and I’ll answer them in this post. I’ll also be walking through the entire budget spreadsheet on my Instagram later today.

Hope it helps you financially plan! 

Click here to download this spreadsheet (for Excel and Google Sheets).

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