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This post is all about date nights that dont involve going out to eat.

creative things to do together besides going out to eat

Is it time for you to spice your relationship up and not just go on your normal date night to a restaurant?

Don’t get me wrong, I really do love trying new restaurants and going to our old favorites (because, well hello, food) but doing something a little different can make your time together so special.

My boyfriend and I are completely in the routine of scheduling a date night and then just assuming that we will be going out to eat and then heading home.

Whenever we do bring up doing something else, neither one can think of what to do and it turns into the same thing…!

So basically, I am printing out this list and putting it on my fridge so we can bring some life back to our date nights again 😉

Here are 24 date night ideas that don’t involve going out to eat.


Go to a sporting event. There are sporting events you can attend your round and I can almost guarantee your significant other will be all over this date night idea. Plan on tailgating before (if possible) with your favorite food and then head inside to watch your favorite team play.

Go bowling. Such a classic date night that often gets forgotten! Not only is this a really inexpensive date night idea, but it will also take you back to your high school days and remind yourself if you really are as good as you remember.

Go for a bike ride and plan a picnic. Plan a bike ride around where you live and end in one of your favorite parks. Pack a picnic before you go with your favorite food and drinks. Once you get to the park, lay your blanket and food out and talk about future plans, where to vacation next, and other exciting things.


Rent kayaks.  Kayak rentals are extremely affordable and can be found almost any place where there is water. Your boyfriend and you can explore a river or lake near where you live and enjoy how peaceful nature is while getting that arm workout in.

Take a cooking class.  This is the perfect date night for those food lovers who want a change from the normal restaurant scene! You will be able to learn how to make a delicious dinner and then get to taste test it yourself. The next week plan another date making this together at your house with a romantic playlist in the background.

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Paint pottery.  Head back to your childhood of attending pottery painting parties and make some pottery for you two! You can make matching cups or plates and have a competition on who can paint the better one.


Go to the Humane Society.  Head to your local humane society and pet all the cute animals that are there. If you really want to make an impact on this date, adopt an animal! But of course, that is much easier said than done ;). 

Go to a local fair or festival.  There are always local events going on that can go forgotten. These make the best date nights and can be super affordable. I always love to check Facebook for events near me… I am so surprised by the number of things happening that I had no idea about!

Take a brewery tour.  Touring a brewery gives you and your boyfriend something to do while also getting free drinks! Even if you are not 21, check out soda “brewery” tours. We have one close to where I live and it been on my boyfriend and my bucket list for years.


Volunteer together.  Is there anything better than helping people in need WHILE being with your favorite person in the world? No, not really. Volunteering together allows you to spend quality time with each other while making a difference.

Go to your closest theme park.  Take a day trip to the closest amusement park and go on all your favorite rides. Chances are you haven’t been in years and it will take you both back to your childhood!

Have a game night.  Roundup all of your favorite games and pour both of you your favorite drinks. Spend the night playing these games together and just talking about life. These can be some of the BEST nights!


Go to a free outdoor concert.  Head to your local free concert with some lawn chairs and some wine and you have yourself a night under the stars. Being in that type of atmosphere with your boyfriend surrounded by happy people can really rub off on your energy giving yourself time to talk and really enjoy each other.

Start a fire pit at the beach.  Head to the closest ocean or lake with fire and s’more supplies. Start the first on the sand and admire the beauty while indulging in delicious smores.

Go camping for one night.  Take a night to head to your local campsite. Set up a tent, get your favorite camp food, and turn off all electronics. 


Head to the flea market. Going to a flea market can lead to so many other date options throughout the day. Gather food to make a meal together or look for new decor for your apartment together. It is so refreshing to be outside and see what different things vendors are selling!

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Drive to a horse show. You might be surprised at how close Horse derby could be from your house. I live in Wisconsin and never even considered going to a derby but recently just found out there is one about an hour from my house. Get dressed up, put on your best big hat, get your man looking preppy, and head to the derby!

Have a movie marathon with all your favorite treats. Before your date starts (or make this part of your date) head to the dollar store or Walgreens and get a bunch of your favorite candy. Also, start researching the best movies in your favorite genre. Set up a ton of blankets, light candles, and get your candy ready to eat. Turn your movies on and spend the night relaxing with your boyfriend while eating your favorite candy. As you set the scene with cozy blankets and flickering candles, consider elevating your candy game by including the irresistible charm of gummy bears. Opt for gummy bears bulk to ensure an ample supply of these chewy delights that perfectly complement the cinematic magic. Picture yourself and your boyfriend immersed in a world of cinematic wonders, surrounded by the delightful company of gummy bears in bulk – a sweet addition that turns your movie night into a truly memorable affair, blending the joy of movies with the playful sweetness of these beloved treats.


Go to an indoor trampoline park. This is SO fun! It really does make you feel like a kid again and get you so giddy. Trampoline parks are popping up everywhere so take advantage of it with your significant other and channel your inner gymnast ;). To save some money, check Groupon for any deals!

Have a thrift store gift exchange. Head to the thrift store and give yourself a budget on how much money you can spend. Then you both can head out to the store, pick what you think the best item is, and then decide who really picked the best item. I have also heard of couples buying outfits for the other person which could be fun!

Visit a museum. If you’re anything like me, you don’t take advantage of your local city museums. Check online and see if there are any discount days and head out with your boyfriend to appreciate the beauty that others have created.


Plan and do random acts of kindness. Isn’t this such a fun idea? Look up some fun random acts of kindness you can do for other people and use your date to complete these acts. Nothing is better than seeing how much a little help can impact someone!

Go hiking. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful world we live in! If hiking is not you and your boyfriend’s thing (I am with you :/) find a manageable walking distance hike that has a beautiful view at the top. You can take pictures and eat snacks that you packed before together.

Set up a spa night at home. Save a couple hundred bucks by putting on your own spa night! Look up videos on how to give the best massages, make a face mask recipe, and give your boyfriend a nice faux pedicure (my boyfriend is a new convert to pedicures… he loves them!).


These 24 date night ideas can turn your normal date night into something you and your boyfriend will remember without just going to a restaurant. 

Whats your favorite non-restaurant date?


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creative things to do together besides going out to eat

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