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This post gives you 15 cheap date ideas.

fun and creative cheap date ideas that cost less than 10 dollars

Are you looking to go on a really fun date but not spend a lot of money?

Dating can cost you a lot of money but there are hundreds of dates that you can go on and barely spend any more.

My boyfriend and I used to think that if we didn’t have a lot of money than we wouldn’t be going on date nights and would just sit at one of our houses.

After thinking of some cheap date ideas we realized how stupid we were thinking that we could only go on dates if we had $50+ dollars for the night!

This post shows you 15 cheap date ideas that will cost you less than $10 dollars.

Ride your bike to your local ice cream shop.

Last week, my boyfriend and I decided to bike downtown for the first time in years. It was so much fun.

You can use your own bikes or find a rental bike program. Take the long way to the ice cream place and explore different parts of the city.

Congratulate yourself with a nice cold ice cream.

Go to $5 dollar movie night.

It is extremely standard these days for movie theaters to offer $5 dollar movies one or two days of the week. For my local theater, it is $5 dollar Tuesdays and we even get a free popcorn.

For how expensive theaters are these days, this is a great cheap date idea option to get out there and see some movies you and your boyfriend have been wanting to see without breaking the bank.

Indulge in a Sweet Night of Romance.

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Go to the grocery store and get your favorite treat. Then eat it under the stars.

Drive to the local grocery store or gas station and pick out some of your favorite treats.

Come back to one of your houses/apartment and set blankets out on the lawn or balcony. Watch the stars while eating your treats and talk about your life with each other.

Go strawberry picking.

Strawberry picking is a summer staple and the best part about its very inexpensive!

You can spend half the day strawberry picking and then go back home and make chocolate covered strawberries. Get fancy with it and add some good toppings. If you want to keep cost down, look for toppings at the dollar store.

Find a local festival.

Go on Facebook and search “events near me”. Hundreds of different events will pop up and a lot of them will be free.

Pick some of your favorites that you want to attend. When you are there, you each have $5 dollars to try whatever food you would like.

Go volunteering.

This is such a sweet date idea which makes it one of my favorite cheap date ideas! Why not spend time together while helping people out?

Volunteering is free and gives you something to do while improving someone else’s life. After you’re done volunteering, go get an ice cream and talk about the people you have helped.

Concert in the park.

Cities around the countries offer concerts in the park and it really is one of the highlights of summers.

My city offers free concerts every Friday and it is one of my favorite date nights.

We like to make ourselves dinner before and bring some of our favorite drinks in a cooler. We get there and eat our dinner, drink our wine, and enjoy the free music.

Go for a picnic.

Find a cheap recipe on Pinterest that looks good to both of you and head to the grocery store for ingredients. Better yet, see what you can make with stuff already in your fridge.

Once the meal is made, pack it up and head to the local park. Enjoy your food with a picnic.

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Play tennis.

Playing tennis gives you a free activity while working out!

It will really bring out your competitive side and give you memories that will last a long time.

Take a trip to the dollar store.

Take a trip to the dollar store and see if you can make an activity with what you find.

Think about it, you will be able to buy 10 things… that’s a lot of things to choose!

Fix something up from Goodwill.

Head to Goodwill and search through their home section.

See if you can find something that you can redo to give it new life again. Not only will you have a fun new piece of decor but you also will have a piece to remember this date from.

Be test subjects at a local beauty school.

Beauty schools are always looking for testers to come in and offer extremely low prices so that their students can get real training.

While I don’t know if I would trust them touching my hair, I would enjoy a back massage or a pedicure. BTW, if your guy hasn’t tried a pedicure before, he needs one. My boyfriend loves them (and he has no shame 😉 ).

Take a trip to the animal shelter.

Go to your local animal shelter and walk around.

You can even go in and play with the dogs and cats. While it is sad to see the animals there, it may inspire you to adopt!

Watch the sunset together.

Head to the local lake or beach and watch the sunset together.

Talk about life, your future, and how much you love each other.

Play miniature golf.

When is the last time you have gone miniature golfing?! It really is such a flashback and will get a little competition going between you two.

TIP: Look on Groupon. They usually have great deals on activities like that!

Aren’t those such fun options? It really shows that you do not need a lot of money at all to go on some awesome and memorable dates. 

This post showed you 15 cheap date ideas that would cost you $10 dollars or less.

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fun and creative cheap date ideas that cost less than 10 dollars

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