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This post is all about summer date ideas.

fun summer date ideas

Are you looking to spice up that summer romance with some insanely fun summer date ideas?

There are so many fun things to look forward to in the summer but one of my favorites is the huge amount of options you have for summer dates. Of course, there is a lot of winter date ideas too, but to have the ability to go inside and outside allows you to do basically anything you want.

Plus, there are way more inexpensive ideas for summer than winter. Win-win in my book ;).

But, let's face it. Truth is, you probably stick to the same dates all-the-time. Switch it up a little and try some of these summer date ideas, I can almost guarantee that you and your date you will have the best time.

These summer date ideas will make your summer one to remember with the one you love.

1. Set up a campfire and try different s'more recipes.

Did you know that people have been stepping away from the basic s'more (still SO good though) and have been experimenting with different ingredients and flavors?

Search Pinterest for some s'more recipes you want to try and then head to the grocery store with your date to get all the ingredients.

Come back to a location perfect for a campfire and do a little taste test and decide which one you like best.

Here are some s'more recipes that look amazing.

2. Take a bus tour of your city and finish it out with an outdoor restaurant.

Check online and see if your local city offers bus or trolley tours. In my city, there are many different options to choose from including a drinking bus tour if you are of legal age.

After drinking and touring the city, you and your date can find a restaurant that offers outdoor seating.

3. Cook a picnic and bring it to your favorite park.

This is one of my favorite dates and something I make sure to do at least once a summer.

My boyfriend and I head to Pinterest and look up some recipes that look delicious to us. Honestly, sometimes the recipes we choose are not a "picnic" meal at all like pasta.

We first make the dinner, pack it up, and walk to the local elementary school with a blanket. When we get there, we lay the blanket down and enjoy the food we made.

Tip: Don't bring your phone! It is so refreshing to just talk in a park and not have the distraction of a phone.

4. Check Facebook events for local festivals.

Head to facebook and search "events near me". Most likely a ton of events will show up and you can see what is going on in your area.

I love looking at this in the summer for festivals and free outdoor concerts.

To make sure you don't forget about an event that is happening, press interested and Facebook will remind you closer to the time of the event.

5. Take a hike at a state park.

Drive to the closest state park to where you live and hike it with your date.

Don't forget you and your dates favorite snacks! At the top of the mountain or middle of the hike, you can take a break, eat your snack, and truly appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

6. Find food trucks in your city.

Food trucks are so trendy and are being offered in almost every city.

With a little research, you will probably be able to find a street that a lot of food trucks are located on.

This is a great option for a date because you each can eat something you truly enjoy.

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7. Watch a movie under the stars.

Order a cheap projector from Amazon and set up a white sheet outside.

Bring your comfiest blankets and pillows and cuddle up under the stars with your boyfriend watching a movie that you've both been dying to see.

8. Go fishing.

Fishing is not my favorite thing (I am actually terrified of fish... I know lame :/) but would it truly be a summer without heading to the lake and going fishing?

If your boyfriend loves fishing, he will be ecstatic for you to "come-up" with the idea to go fishing.

If fishing isn't your boyfriend's thing, just think how funny it would be to have the two of you trying to figure out how to work a fishing rod. This could still turn into such a fun date filled with laughter!

9. Find a town that offers tandem bike rentals and explore the area.

 Search Google for tandem bike rentals near you and head off on a bike ride with your date.

Explore cute neighborhoods or trendy parts of the city while enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

I've never done this but I do think it would be fun/hilarious. It is definitely something I am putting on my bucket list for this summer!

10. Roller skate to the local ice cream shop.

Isn't it required that all neighborhoods have an ice-cream shop?? 😉 Kidding, obviously BUT I think most do!!

Wear your roller skates (or borrow some from friends) and head to the streets and roller blade to the local ice cream shop.

Not only will be it a lot of fun, but you'll also get a work out in.

11. Go to a dollar store and pick out kites. Fly them at the local park or elementary school.

Did you know that Dollar Store's have kites?

I didn't know that until last summer and I was quite impressed. It really is the perfect place to get a kite since the majority of the time it gets tangled or caught.

Take a trip back to your childhood and each of you can pick out a kite. Head to a large park (elementary school or beaches are perfect for this) and fly kites!

12. Attend a baseball game.

'Tis the season.

Baseball season is so much fun with the addition of weather appropriate tailgating. Even if you or your boyfriend aren't the largest fans of baseball, no one can say that they don't like tailgating!

Head to the grocery store and pick up tailgating essentials. Bring some beer or your favorite drinks, make a burger, and eat barbeque chips.

Then, head into the game and enjoy the time with just the two of you.

(Or make this a group event with other fun!)

13. Go camping.

Borrow a tent (or use your own) and head to a cheap campsite for one night!

Leave all technology behind and enjoy just the two of you.

Plus, you can plan to make some amazing campsite food. (look at Pinterest for ideas!)

14. Go to your local beauty school and get massages for cheap.

Did you know that you could do this?

Beauty schools often give steep discounts if you book an appointment with one of their students.

It won't be a fancy hotel, but you will get a great massage at half the cost of a normal one. Definitely worth checking out for a less expensive couples massage.

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15. Find an outdoor blowup water park.

These are popping up everywhere!

Bouncy houses are being put on water and it's basically the best thing that has ever happened.

Head to a local lake or pond that has this and enjoy a day date in the sun.

16. Take a trip to the zoo.

Take a trip back to your childhood and go visit the zoo animals!

If you're looking to save money, keep an eye out for discount days. A ton of zoos offers them.

17. Make tie-dye shirts for each other.

Go to Michaels (or overnight on Amazon) a tie-dye kit and make shirts with your boyfriend!

You could each make a shirt for the other person.

It could be something you keep forever and always are reminded of the fun dates you would have when you were younger.

18. Have a water balloon fight.

With this insanely easy invention, you can now have a water balloon fight in less than two minutes.

Do you know that picture that went viral of the woman who put a letter at the front door saying "It's on" or something to that effect and a nerf gun for her husband? This would be a fun thing to do along those lines.

19. Spend a day at a theme park.

Head to the theme park for a day and ride all the roller coasters!

This might be more of a splurge date, but it is one of the best parts of summer.

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20. Float down a river in tubes.

If you live near a river, many people start businesses where you can rent tubes and float down the river.

Sometimes, it's even white water rafting style which could be so fun!

Check it out and make it an event to remember.

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Aren't these so fun?! Just think, if you did two of these a week, you would have a whole summer of date nights planned.

These summer date ideas will create a summer you and your boyfriend will never forget.

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