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This post is all about dorm room closet organization.

Having enough room for all your clothes in college is tough.

I am a clothes hoarder (as I am sure many of you are 😉 ) and brought every single piece of clothing to college that I thought I would ever need to wear, ya know, just in case...

When we were unloading all my stuff into my dorm room I panicked... I had SO much clothing and barely anywhere to put it. I needed to come up with some dorm room closet organization ASAP.

Luckily, my organizing Gods helped me out and I was able to fit it all in.

This post will be showing you the best dorm room closet organization tips to ensure that all your clothes fit into your small dorm room.

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Dorm Room Closet Organization #1: Purchase a Closet Doubler.

This handy tool does exactly what you think it would do, it doubles your hanging space in your closet.

Now, I will admit. I am a HUGE hanger girl and love to have all my shirts on hangers. I find if they are shoved in a drawer, I forget about some really cute shirts I own and never wear them.

This closet doubler is amazing because it gives you twice the amount of hanging room you would have previously had.

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Dorm Room Closet Organization #2: Use a Shoe Shelf.

Organize your shoes on the bottom of your closet with this shelf that is only $15.00. Win!

I can promise you, having this shelf to organize your shoes is SO much better than having them lay all over the floor. I actually went to college using one of those hanging shoe organizers and let me tell you, it was a pain the butt.

Because I had so many shirts hanging in that closet it was extremely smushed and I couldn't get to all my shoes hanging. Plus, it hangs at an awkward angle.

Moral of that all, purchasing a shoe rack like this will keep your shoes very organized. You can place your boots on top of it just like the person did in the picture. You could also get a bin or two (also like the person in the picture above did) and fill it with socks, food, etc.



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Dorm Room Closet Organization #3: Organize your scarves and necklaces with this cute hanger.

This is a cute scarf hanger, which I actually used to hang my scarfs and my necklaces. It is super convenient because it organizes them for your right in front of your face since it hangs in your closet.

I am going to include a picture of it from my dorm room freshman year. In the picture, I am just holding necklaces on it but you can get the idea!

jewelry organizer in college dorm

And a warning to all you freshman, get used to that ugly yellow wood :(. It is everywhere!

Isn't that organizer pretty handy though? I really liked it for my dorm room.

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Dorm Room Closet Organization #4: Using bins at the top of your closet will help organize random products.

Having these bins was a life-saver for me. They stored so many random things that I didn't have room other places like food, tampons, extra towels, purses, etc.

If I wouldn't have used the baskets on the shelf in my closet, all of my products would have looked so messy. And honestly, there were certain things I wanted to keep in a place people couldn't see.

Another great part of the bins is that I could pull them down when I needed something and everything would be right there for me.

Dorm Room Closet Organization #5: Use a cute basket to organize all your hair supplies.

First, ignore the beat up dresser they gave me in my freshman year. You gotta make do with what they give you!!

While we're on the topic of bins, I wanted to show you another bin that I used (and still use today) that I LOVED to keep me organized.

This is my hair bin. I would keep all things hair in this; straightner, blowdryer, curler, hairspray, hair ties, etc. It was so nice because it kept it all in one place and I could just shove it all in the bucket and my dorm room would look clean.

Unfortunately, I purchased this bin at Home Goods two years ago so I can't find the exact one. However, if I were to purchase a cute basket today, it would be this one.

Using these tips will really help keep your closet organized even though you don't have much space to work with. 

I also suggest using under the bed storage containers, but under your futon. You can store extra clothes in there as well if you can't fit everything into your closet and shelves.

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