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Learn how to keep your rug clean and protected with this genius decor hack!

decor hack

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I'm either an idiot or I'm about to do the smartest thing that anyone's ever done in their kitchen. I bought this kitchen runner because it was cute but the problem is, it’s white. I know it won’t stay white for long with all the spills and stains that happen in the kitchen.

@bysophialee time will tell if this is something ill always do in my kitchen decor now OR if I just wasted 150 dollars 😆 #decorhack #homedecor #kitchendecor #kitchenrunner ♬ original sound - bysophialee

This post is all about best decor hack.


This is where the genius part possibly comes in. I swear by Flex Seal, which I get for around $4 at Home Depot or Target. Every time I get a new doormat, I spray it with Flex Seal, which keeps it looking brand new all season long. The spray essentially waterproofs and coats the mat. So I plan on spraying my entire white kitchen runner with this spray. If anything falls on it, the coating will keep it clean… hopefully.

decor hack

I sprayed the entire rug with Flex Seal, did a second coat, and let it dry overnight.


The next morning, the rug is a little crunchy, but it looks great and, more importantly, it is protected. I'll have to let you know after we have an actual spill, though, which I'm sure will happen in the next few weeks. But if this works, everyone should do this to their kitchen runners.

decor hack

It's seriously the smartest thing I've ever done in my kitchen, and I think you'll love it too!


decor hack
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This post was all about best decor hack.

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