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This post is all about the trendiest and most genius Christmas gifts for teen girls this holiday season. Teen girls can be really hard to shop for, but I am here to help you out with the perfect gift ideas!

christmas gift ideas for teenage girls

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Let's face it, teenage girls are picky and can make holiday shopping either really easy or really hard. It seems that they either know exactly what they want for Christmas, or they have no idea and make it really hard for the people shopping for them.

Teenage girls typically love trendy items and anything they see their friends using or influencers promoting on TikTok. But this can be kind of boring to shop for!

In this Christmas gift guide, I have found over *70* gift ideas for teenage girls that are the perfect mix of trendy and unique, and will make any teen girl super happy this holiday season.

If the teenage girl in your life loves trendy clothes, or making GRWM videos on TikTok, or finding cute new decor for her bedroom, I am confident that I have found the perfect gift for her in this holiday gift guide.

This post is all about Christmas gifts for teen girls.


1. Trendy Oversized Sweatshirt

This is the MOST comfortable sweatshirt ever! It looks just like Aritzia or Abercrombie but for half the price.

2. Pink Tank Top

Such a cute and trendy top. Perfect for when the weather gets warmer.

3. Cropped Vest

A cropped vest elevates any outfit in the fall, winter, OR spring!

4. Black Jumpsuit

This is a really great outfit for working out or the transition from winter to spring. I have this in three colors and it's the perfect Aritzia dupe.

5. Three Piece Workout Set

If you're getting bored of basic workout clothes, this is the perfect set to bring more color to your workouts.

6. Leather Blazer

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for teens because they never want to ruin an outfit with an ugly jacket!

7. Abercrombie Jeans

Abercrombie is my go-to place for jeans. They have sales all the time so you can typically get them for cheaper, but they fit perfectly and last soo long.

8. Aerie Crossover Flare Leggings

I have basically stopped wearing leggings since I bought these. Teenage girls love flare leggings!!

9. Nike Sweatpants

Having a good fitting and comfy pair of sweatpants in your life is a MUST. These look heavenly and come in tons of different colors.

10. Lululemon Oversized Scuba Half Zip

If you're looking for a single Christmas gifts for teen girls, this is the one! You can never go wrong with a Scuba Hoodie.

11. North Face Parka

A new winter jacket for Christmas is the perfect Christmas gift idea. They can be super expensive but brands like North Face will last your teenager years.

12. Alo Yoga Tennis Skirt

This tennis skirt is to die for. I am a sucker for tennis skirts and this one is going right on my Christmas wishlist this year!

13. Skims Long Sleeve Dupe

Another perfect dupe!! If you're on a budget but still looking for trendy gift ideas, this Skims long sleeve dupe is perfect.


14. Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

If you or your teenage girl are fans of the Laneige lip mask, you HAVE to try the lip balm! It smells amazinggg and looks gorgeous on your lips.

15. Vanity Mirror

These makeup mirrors are so popular and for such good reason. This is the perfect Christmas gift ideas for teenage girl who loves to make GRWMs!

16. Skincare Mini Fridge

Another great gift idea for teenage girls who love their skincare routine and getting ready in the morning is a skincare mini fridge to keep their products nice and cool.

17. Hot Rollers

These will make your hair look stunningggg, trust me. They're so fun to use and will give your hair gorgeous volume and bounce.

18. Gel Nail Kit

This Christmas gifts for teen girls idea is perfect for the creative girls who love to get their nails done. Teach them how to save money and get good at doing their own nails with this gel nail kit!

19. Shark Hair Dryer & Styler

Dysons are so expensive (yet amazing), but these Shark hair stylers are just as amazing for a fraction of the price!

20. Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

Summer Fridays lip butter balm has been going viral right now for how glowy and moisturized it makes your lips! This will be one of the best Christmas gifts for teen girls 2023.

21. Olive & June Mani Nail System

christmas gifts for teen girls

Another great nail kit idea! If gel nails aren't for you, try this basic nail kit to get salon looking nails with just polish.

22. The Five Minute Journal

My favorite part of every day is this journal!! Super simple way to get into journaling and start and end your days.

23. Snail Mucin

Another brilliant Christmas gifts for teenage girls ideas is snail mucin! This went super viral on TikTok recently but actually works so well and is pretty cheap. Great gift for the skincare girlies 😉

24. Ouai Hair Oil

Trying to get your hair to look shiny and healthy can be tough. This is a high quality gift idea for those girls who are trying to increase their hair quality.

25. Spa Headband & Wristbands

The cutest headband and wristband set for getting ready and not getting yourself dirty or wet!

26. Sol de Janeiro Body Mist

One of the best gifts for 16 year old teenage girl who lovesss keeping up with the trends is the Sol de Janeiro body mist. The smell is a 10/10!

27. Essence Mascara

Such an amazing Christmas gift ideas for teenage girl cheap!! This mascara gets phenomenal reviews and is soo cheap compared to mascaras of the same quality.

28. Chrome Nail Powder

Doing nails just got 10x more fun with this chrome powder!!

29. Rare Beauty Blush

A classic gift idea for the wishlist of a teenage girl. Rare Beauty never misses!

30. Makeup & Hair Travel Bags

Teenage years are the perfect time to start getting good luggage and travel cases for makeup and toiletries. These travel bags are so cute and the perfect way to separate all your products.

31. Gold Under-Eye Patches

These eye patches can be the perfect addition to your spa nights, and it comes in a pack of 100 patches!!

32. Hair Oil

Another great product to start getting healthy and shiny hair.

33. Heatless Curler Set

If you're a lazy girl, you have to try these heatless curlers. Takes no time at all and will save you time getting ready for school in the morning.

34. Dae Hair Styling Cream

The Dae hair styling cream is worth the money to get perfect looking slick back hair styles, you can take my word for it.🤩


35. Mini Platform Ugg Boots

I know not everyone likes these Ugg boots, but I think these platform Uggs are simply adorable! And the perfect winter and fall shoe.

36. Birkenstock Clogs

These clogs have come back trendier than ever!! They are always sold out, too, so if you can get them for your teen girl for Christmas, I definitely would!

37. Platform Converse

I am convinced that Converse (especially the high top platform ones) will never go out of style. They are just so perfect for any occasion or outfit!

38. Adidas Campus 00s

I am so obsessed with these shoes. I think they will begin super popular super fast so get them while you can!!

39. Ugg Slippers

Another classic Christmas gifts for teenage girls ideas. You can't go wrong with a pair of Ugg slippers.

40. Lululemon Belt Bag

This is another accessory I put on my Christmas gifts for teen girls wishlist every year. You can never have enough!

41. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are the perfect gift idea for any teenage girl who stares at her phone or computer way too much. Let's at least try to protect the eyes.😂

42. Gold Earring Pack

Expensive jewelry isn't always the smartest thing to get a crazy teenager, so this cheaper earring pack is a perfect jewelry idea!

43. Hair Claw Clips

Cute claw clips are a hair necessity. I think these are so cool and would elevate your hair for any outfit.

44. Gold Bracelet Set

Another great and cheap jewelry gift option. Love these bracelets!

45. Quay Aviator Sunglasses

Trendy sunglasses are a serious must-have once the weather gets nicer. These ones are so cute and a little more expensive which makes them a perfect gift idea.

46. Baggu Nylon Crescent Bag

Baggu is on the verge of blowing up right now! They have so many cool bags that hold so much while looking very trendy and cute still.

47. Initial Necklace

Dainty necklaces are perfect for any outfit, and initial necklaces will always be trendy which makes them the perfect gift idea.

48. Kate Spade Crossbody Bag

A good quality crossbody bag will come in handy for any teenage girl. Kate Spade has so many cute ones which are a pretty good price for a high quality bag in my opinion.

49. Card Holder for Phone

One of the best gifts for 17 year old teenage girl who may be going to college soon!! A must-have for those late nights out or just walking around campus.


50. AirPods Max

I have been wanting these Apple headphones for years. I have heard so many amazing things about them; I think they would make the perfect gift.

51. LED Selfie Light

Alix Earle has influenced all of us to want one of these... let's be honest. What a fun gift idea this would be!!

52. Bluetooth Speaker

Every teenage girl needs a bluetooth speaker...

53. Digital Camera

And a digital camera!! These make taking photos soo much more fun, and the photos surprisingly turn out so good and already looking edited.

54. Suction Phone Mount

These phone mounts are just another gift idea for those girls who love making GRWMs! They can stick to literally anything and make creating TikToks10x easier.

55. Bed Phone Mount

Lazy girls, listen up! This phone mount allows you to mount your phone above you in bed. It's the perfect thing to watch shows or TikToks while laying in bed.

56. AirPods

If you don't like headphones, then AirPods are an even better gift idea for teen girls.

57. Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

This speaker is perfect for the shower, because let's be honest, everyone needs to blast music while they take an everything shower.

58. Instant Color Photo Printer

Another fun picture gift idea! Printed photos are so fun to have, and this will help you save money by not having to go somewhere to get them printed out.


59. Checkered Throw Blanket

The cutest throw blanket!

60. Glossier Candle

This candle looks SO cool and I have heard that it smells even better than it looks.

61. Disco Ball Diffuser

Um, how cool is this diffuser!? Urban Outfitters has so many cool home decor pieces, and this one I am just obsessed with.

62. Custom LED Light

The perfect trendy decor piece for any teenage girl's bedroom.

63. Mushroom Table Lamp

One of the most perfect unique gifts for teenage girl. And it comes in several different colors!

64. Glass Bow Candle

I am super close to buying this for my own room. How precious!


65. Squishmallows

Teenage girls typically love stuffed animals, and squishmallows are so fun to have and collect.

66. Jellycat

Jellycats are becoming super popular too. They have so many different ones that are the perfect little addition to any room.

67. Beaded Phone Strap

These are so cute and perfect for when the weather gets warmer!

68. Popular Books

If you're trying to get your teenager to read more books, a popular hard cover book as a gift is the perfect way to do it!

69. Weighted Stuffed Animal

Another stuffed animal option that brings so much joy and comfort. Look how cute that dog is!

70. Magazine Subscription

christmas gifts for girls

This is a very unique Christmas gifts for teen girls idea, but so fun! I just got a subscription to The New Yorker and I love it!

71. Gift Cards

And last but not least, a gift card! You can never go wrong with one of these, and if your teenager is superrr hard to shop for, I would just stick with one of these. 😉

This post was all about Christmas gifts for teen girls.

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