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It's finally June. When the sun is out everyone is nicer... that's a fact in my book. I feel SO much better and summertime is my favorite time. 

I've been soaking up the outdoor weather as much as I can with friends & family even though there's been a bitttt more rain than I would prefer, but we roll with the punches around here. 

One BSL team favorites this week we have a picture of tried & true products that have been loved for years and brand new must-haves. It's great to find an amazing new product you love, but nothing beats having a product that has served you well over the years to rave about.

Here are all BSL team favorites we're obsessing over this week.


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1. Charli's sage green gel polish she's loving

I bought this gel nail kit from Amazon in college so I could do my own nails and it has saved me sooo much money. I have a bunch of different colors already but I've been obsessed with the color green recently so I got this new gel polish! It's such the perfect sage green (good for literally any season) and I've gotten so many compliments already! I use it with a matte top coat and it looks 😙🤌🏼- Charli

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2. Sarah's amazing backpack

As basic as a North Face backpack is, this thing lasts. I've had my backpack for over 7 years and it's been amazing for college and now for traveling. I can fit all my work stuff, makeup bag, a pair of shoes, a purse and so many more random things in it and it seems barely worn in. Such a good backpack!  -Sarah

bsl team favorites
bsl team favorites

My sister got this for me for my birthday this year because I told her I wanted to get more into journaling but I wanted journals with prompts or questions to answer, and I love it!! It gives you a few questions to respond to at the beginning and end of the day that takes five minutes or less, and it is just such a nice addition to my morning and night routines. - Julia

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4. Sophia's robe that she won't stop talking about

I bought this robe from Amazon last year and I love it! It's super affordable and I love that it has sleeves but the sleeves are shorter so they don't get wet (#ikyk). I even bring it on vacation because I like it so much!- Sophie

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5. The olipop drink Shelby won't shush about

Omg. Sophie introduced me to this root beer Olipop and it is amazing. A little background, I would consider myself a root beer connoisseur (lol). I am an expert. This isn't a "please talk to a professional" type of thing. I grew up on Sprecher Root beer and I'm from Wisconsin. If you didn't know, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the home of the Sprecher Museum and factory and your girl over here has been on a tour. So yes, I'm an expert. The whole point is that I'm a root beer LOVER and this Olipop tastes EXACTLY like Sprecher Root Beer... I said it. If you can get your hands on this or any of their other flavors, do it. - Shelby

This post was all about the BSL team favorites this week.

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