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guest gift basket

My godmother and uncle came to town this past weekend to visit Shelby for her graduation. Aunt Bett (the famous godmother on insta 😉 is truly the hostess with the mostess. She lives in Baltimore and every single time I go to visit her it's a production. In the best way possible of course!

There is always new pajamas on our bed with fresh baked cookies (and usually a lot more!). In the bathroom, there is a whole basket of toiletries. It's really on another level haha. It really does make me feel so special and excited every time I go stay with them. 

I know how much I love it, and I've always wanted to copy her and do a similar guest gift basket on my bed for my guests when they came and stayed with me. Since Aunt Bett and Uncle Bob were coming, I figured I would return the favor. I'll probably do less extravagant the next time I have guests over but it really is so fun to have this out for them!!

Let's first investigate what Aunt Bett puts in her guest gift baskets...

also don't judge these pictures because I took them in .2 seconds haha. 

gifts for guest on bed

This was what was on the bed when Ben and I got to their house the last trip. 

She included...

  • Tray to place things on
  • Photo of us (I took this home!)
  • Fresh baked cookies
  • Chocolates
  • Candle (another gift I could take home)
  • Massage gift cards (okay, unnecessary and over the top but how amazing?!)
  • Custom tea cups
  • Our favorite snacks
  • Brand new pajamas were part of this too, those were just wrapped up in a box!
gift for guests on bed

So the bedroom one was definitely over the top but this one is like next level over the top. Can you even believe this?! I know how much those little sample things cost and they are NOT cheap. Honestly though, this gift basket was the best. I still use basically every single thing in this basket every time I travel. I'm going to save this basket for when I'm a little older and more giving, but Aunt Bett, please keep making me one of these because its truly the best of the best!!

guest gift basket ideas

And then we had my take on it! I basically just copied everything that Aunt Bett does on a lesser scale ;).

Here's what I included:

I stalked some of my favorite stores for cute trays. I've realized I am a tray hoarder but I really do use them all the time. Whether it's something like this, on the coffee table, when im hosting, etc, I am always pulling my tray inventory in and out!

cute trays
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