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I am a sucker for dainty gold jewelry and when I find something I like, I basically wear it everyday for the next few years. One of my most asked questions is where I get my jewelry from so I am rounding up every single piece I wear.

I have everything from special pieces I have received from Ben to cheap Amazon jewelry (that tbh, I love just as much). I've worn these jewelry pieces over and over and over and they still look just as new. 

by sophia lee jewelry

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My Favorite Places To Buy Jewelry:

I have a few staple places that I buy majority of my jewelry from. These are my favorite places...

  • Melanie Auld: The prettiest dainty gold jewelry. Basically obsessed with everything they make.
  • Made By Mary: Ben's been buying my jewelry from here since we were in high school. They have the perfect jewelry that can be customized to special dates or whatever else so it makes it perfect for a gift from a boyfriend or even a gift to buy for your mom.
  • Amazon: I seriously have been so lucky with the jewelry I have found on Amazon. They are all so cheap and somehow I've managed to get really lucky with majority of pieces I have bought from there. You can see all the Amazon jewelry pieces I am loving here.

Gold Bangle:

1. Gold Bangle

by sophia lee gold bangles

I am ALWAYS wearing these, you'll never see them off. I shower, sleep, workout, etc in them. These are super special because I get one for all the "big" events in my life like graduations. By the time I am old I hope to have a big stack that I can separate and pass down to my daughters/granddaughters. 

Because these are real gold, I buy them from a jeweler. I get people asking about these all the time so they put them on their website for you to be able to easily buy there. It's the same exact one I wear (and I actually just ordered two more!).

Other Bracelets I Wear:

2. Beaded Bracelets

These are the BEST. I bought these in March and have worn them every single and they still look brand new. And guess the price?! $12 for two. You just can't beat that.

2. Beaded Bracelets

sophia lee jewelry

I recently bought both of those bracelets above! I am wearing them 24/7 to test out if they turn green or not so I will let you know. So far I am on week 3 and they look great.


1. Circle Pendant Necklace

by sophia lee necklace

I have two necklaces that I alternate that I NEVER take off. I got the one above as a graduation gift and I took it off for the first time in months to take this picture of it! It's real gold so it's more expensive but it's one of those pieces I'll have forever. I LOVE it.

This necklace is shorter so it's perfect to layer with longer necklaces.

I received this as a gift so I don't know too many details but I do know they got it from jeweler in St. Louis. I am sure if you called them/emailed them a photo of this necklace they would be able to order it for you and ship it your way.

2. Gold Circle Necklace 2.0

So the necklace that is just above this one was worn by a family I nannied for. A ton of members in the family had it and I LOVED it so I went on a hunt for something similar. This necklace was actually the most similar necklace I could find to it so all of last year this was my go-to, never ever take off necklace. I was shocked when I got the original necklace that I wanted above but I still loveeee this one. 

This is from Etsy and can be found here. Again, it's real gold so you don't have to worry about it tarnishing. 

My Other Necklaces:


All the earrings above are less than $13 and have treated me SO well. The classic gold hoops are the lightest earrings you will ever wear. I got them in 30mm. All my friends have them too and love them just as much as me.

Those star studs I wear in my second holes and I have been wearing them for MONTHS and they haven't turned at all.

The diamond hoops I have been just as happy with. Wore them every single day for like 6 months and they didn't turn at all. I did have a diamond fall off but that was after wearing these $12 earrings daily for 6 months so I'm pretty happen with how they lasted ;).


Here's the link for the Initial rings.

Here's the link for the braided ring.

I got this ring stack customized from Made By Mary with Ben and my initials. They're real gold so I will never have to take them off. Someday I'm going to also get an "L" so I can make it BSL ;).

I topped off the stack with this braided ring that is so cute. For Christmas I'm actually asking for a second one to layer at the bottom of it also. The initial rings are more expensive because they're real gold but this braided ring is only $20.

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