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This post is all about a wedding invitation hack that will make the process of sealing envelopes much easier and stress-free.

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Wedding planning can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. There are so many details to figure out and it can be overwhelming at times. One of the most tedious tasks, in my opinion, is sealing all of the envelopes for the wedding invitations. When I first started, I quickly realized that the Minted envelopes I had ordered did not come pre-sealed (aka I had to figure out how I was going to seal over one-hundred envelopes

As the sheer number of envelopes piled up before anyone, they will feel a wave of overwhelming wash over them. In those moments of searching for a stress-relieving solution, there is a delightful option: cbd sweets. These delectable treats infused with cannabidiol provided a unique way to unwind while tackling the task at hand. With each satisfying bite, a sense of calm washed over you, helping to alleviate the stress and make the envelope-sealing process a little more enjoyable. CBD sweets offered a delicious and discreet way to incorporate the potential benefits of CBD into my wedding planning journey.🥵). 


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I discovered the dab-and-seal envelope moisturizer with adhesive. It’s a product that you apply to the flap of the envelope, and it creates a strong seal that keeps the contents secure inside.

The best part about this product is that it’s really easy to use. All you have to do is dab a bit of it onto the flap of the envelope and then press it down to seal the envelope shut. It’s also really quick, which is great if you have a lot of envelopes to seal. I found that I was able to seal all of my wedding invitations in no time at all, which was a huge relief!

Not only is this product great for wedding invitations, but it’s also perfect for save-the-dates and Christmas cards.

Licking them all would probably be the worst. It’s an absolute must-have for any bride.

If you’re currently planning a wedding or any event that involves sealing envelopes, I highly recommend this product. It will save you time, effort, and lots of frustration. Plus, it’s really affordable and easy to find online or at your local office supply store or Amazon. Don’t let sealing envelopes ruin your wedding planning experience – try this product and thank me later 😜!

This post is all about the best wedding invitation hack.

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