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During the ‘GBOGH’ restoration, I really tried to make sure every detail of the house was perfect.

I was thrilled with what we were able to do in the end, but I realized that something was missing: drapery. The windows looked incomplete, and I knew I had to have drapery for the next restoration, which happened to be this one, ‘The Sophomore House!’

There's a local Budget Blinds franchise close to where I live. So, I reached out to the owner of Budget Blinds Mequon, Evan Allison, and asked if he would be interested in seeing my plans for the house and potentially work with me to install all new drapery (and more). He happily agreed, thank goodness!

The drapery that Evan and his team installed in my home is nothing short of spectacular. It is the first thing that people notice when they walk into the house, and it has completely transformed the look and feel of each room.

I've learned that I'm quite specific about drapery, so sprinkled into this post I’m going to share some tips with you that can significantly impact the overall look of the drapes!

The Living & DINING Room

For the living & dining room, we chose Bouclair drapes, which is my favorite fabric for drapery.

I wanted the drapes to have pleats, but not to be too perfectly straight since the room is already quite formal. If the drapery were too formal, it would be overwhelming.

Budget Blinds not only did the installation but also provided the drapery rods. The installation was incredible. Isn't it stunning?

The fabric is pretty heavy which I really like because I feel like it makes the drapes even more luxurious.

One thing I was very particular about, and Budget Blinds delivered incredibly well on, was the placement of the drapes.

I am a stickler about drapes, curtains, and other window treatments being hung two to three inches from the ceiling on both sides. If you have crown molding, they should be hung two to three inches from the bottom of the molding! The drapes should also touch the floor without puddling. Budget Blinds nailed it.

LIVING ROOM DETAILS: Pleated Drapery in the color of Starcloud Vanilla (9K7-865)

The family Room

The family room had white walls, and I wanted to avoid using more white in here. Instead, I opted for a bit of color.

For the drapes, I chose a brass rod instead of a black one. I had them made extra wide so the drapes would be the main focal point of the room.

They’re not blackout curtains. I wanted you to be able to see through them a little bit because this window gives just so much light.

I love the color of the curtains, which is very similar to the kitchen cabinets visible through the doorway.

We also installed a Roman shade, which is easy to use thanks to its simple pull-down and lift-up mechanism. The shades hang beautifully and add a touch of elegance to the space that I love.

FAMILY ROOM DETAILS: Pleated Drapery in color of Jette Sterling (7Y9821) and Cordless, Knife Pleated Roman Shade in the color of Jette Sterling  (7Y9821)


Drapery in the kitchen can be a bit of a mystery. I wasn’t sure myself of what to do with it and actually felt so nervous about how they would look.

The kitchen drapes were inspired by cafe curtains I kept seeing all over Pinterest. They're making a comeback, and I love that they're a trendy look that also evokes a sense of nostalgia for your grandma's house.

kitchen ideas

We installed these curtains on a gold rod, using the same fabric and gold sheen as the drapes in the adjacent room. The pleat line is also similar to the living and dining rooms, which is pleated yet relaxed, and not overly formal.

Overall, I feel that these curtains have made a significant difference in the look and feel of our home.

KITCHEN DETAILS: Rod Pocket Drapery in the color of Jette Sterling (7Y9821)

kitchen ideas

THE Toddler's room

Let me just talk about how perfectly the paint matches with this drapery. I'm picky about patterns on drapes, so we went through many different ones. 99% of them didn't feel right.

But then I found this one, and I knew it was perfect. You can easily pull it down like this. They are blackout curtains. I didn't pull them all the way down, but you get the idea. They are super easy to use and have made a huge impact in here. I know I mentioned it downstairs, but it's worth repeating.

TODDLER'S ROOM DETAILS: Cordless, Knife Pleated Roman Shade and Valance in the color of Wildferns Rose (9J6695)


These drapes are exactly the same as the ones in the family room. I love them so much that I'm considering using them in my own home.

The only difference is that we used a gold rod for this one. We also have a Roman shade with I’m in love with and is the perfect touch. 

NURSERY ROOM DETAILS: Pleated Drapery and Knife Pleated Roman Shade in the color of Starcloud Vanilla (9K7-865)


I'll be honest about the owner's bedroom. When I chose the drape sample for the room, I thought it was a good choice. But when I saw it again three months later, I wondered what I was thinking! Why did I choose that color to go with the wall color? However, now I'm SO glad I did, because it looks great and really elevates the space. Was really a rollercoaster of emotions, but I think they look absolutely perfect in the space.

It's beautiful. The window treatments are just a tan velvet.

For the window seats, we used a matching Roman shade. And in the bathroom, we have another matching Roman shades.

OWNER'S BEDROOM DETAILS: Vadain Light-filtering pinch pleated drapes in the color of Rimini (7830) paired with a cordless, Knife Pleated Roman Shade and Valance in the color of Quake Powder (9L9670) and Satin Brass Hardware

OWNER'S BATHROOM DETAILS: Cordless, Knife Pleated Roman Shade and Valance in the color of Quake Powder (9L9670)

I am so happy with how the entire restoration came together and it truly would not look CLOSE to as beautiful as it does without the help of Evan and his team of Budget Blinds Mequon. If you're in the market for new window treatments Budget Blinds has locations all across the US and Canada!


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