35 Best Graduation Party Decorations To WOW Your Guests

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This post is all about graduation party decorations.

best graduation party decorations

One of the best ways to throw a graduation party to remember is by having some amazing graduation party decorations.

These days, there are SO many graduation decorations to choose from that it can become super overwhelming. 

Worst of all, you can miss some of the best graduation party decor because it is mixed in with so many tacky options. We do not like tacky graduation decorations, that's for sure.

This post has the best graduation party decorations that will make your party look like it was professionally planned (without breaking the bank).

Graduation Party Decorations: 

1. Large Gold 2019 Balloon Set

The key to a great party is a good theme. Not a princess theme, it's graduation, you or your graduate are way past that! By theme, I mean color coordination. The best graduation party decorations are the ones that match!

Buying everything separately can get pricey. To save some money, buy sets off of Amazon like the one above that have everything you need in all the same colors!

AND if you're worried about blowing up all of these balloons, fear not! Dollar General will blow up anything you need for $1. You can thank me later:)  

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2. Cupcake Toppers

It isn't a party without food, and cupcakes are not only yummy, but an easy food item to have at any graduation party!

Turn your delicious treat into a cute graduation party decoration by adding graduation themed toppers like the ones above! 

3. Graduation Cap Helium Balloon

This graduation party decoration idea is so on trend right now that incorporating these into your party is sure to be a success!

Helium balloons are some of the best graduation party decorations because you can get them in whatever you want to say: "2019", "Congrats", "Graduate" or even in a graduation cap like the one above! 


4. Regular Balloons 

While helium balloons are all of the rage, we can't forget about regular balloons because they can be great graduation party decor, too!

Throw them on the floor, post them to the wall, balloons are a great, easy, and cheap way to decorate any graduation party to the nines!

5. Tassels

A graduate's favorite saying is "the tassle was worth the hassle" so showcase that! Tassels are super easy to make or inexpensive to buy if you want to go that route and get some from Amazon!

Like the balloons, this graduation party decoration idea is also super versatile. As door decor, table centerpieces, or a banner, there's no hassle in using tassels (see what I did there?) 

6. Mason Jar Centerpieces 

Copy This Party:

Mason jars can do anything. They can hold drinks or be part of a craft that turns in to a beautiful center piece. You can even put FOOD in them!

And the best part, you can bulk order them CHEAP from Amazon via that button. So grab a ton and GET TO DECORATING! 

7. Photo Holders 

If there aren't photos at your graduation party, you're doing something wrong. And why wouldn't you want to include photos?

Photos are cheap to print (seriously 4x6's at Walgreens are like $0.30)! Go print some NOW!

Use them in centerpieces or hang them in a fun way (see my photo wall tips below). Photos are a great personalized graduation party decoration no matter what you do with them! 

8. Water Bottle Wrappers 

Graduation happens in May, and its usually pretty hot. Keep your guests cool and the party on theme by putting customized wrappers on all of your water bottles!

Super unique, yet super cheap on Amazon, this graduation party decoration idea beats the heat and makes your party (and your guests) cool!

Need a way to display the waters? Keep reading for a super cute decoration and storage idea all in one! 

9. Cupcake Holders or Stands 

The key to a good graduation party is to decorate every aspect of the party. That even means what you put the food on. 

Order some cute graduation themed stands like the one above or make your own. Regardless, you're guests will grab food from a decorated station that will leave them talking forever! 

10. Graduation Cap Party Favor Boxes 

Your guests took time out of their day to come and celebrate with you or your graduate. THANK THEM . . . with a party favor! 

Turn these favors into yet another graduation party decoration though! These graduate cap boxes are the perfect size to put some candy or a small gift in while staying on theme. And like almost everything else in this post, they're affordable and they're available on Amazon Prime! 

11. Customized Cups 

graduation party decorations

It's a party so food and drinks are a must right? Right! Make your grad feel even more special and your party even more put together with personalized cups. 

Put their name, their graduation year, or just a simple "congrats grad" in your chosen color scheme. You can't go wrong with these inexpensive personalized cups that can also serve as a unique and simple party favor! 

12. Personalized Banner with The Graduate's Name 

Graduation Party Decoration 2019

Everyone is going to throw a graduation party, make sure your guests always know that they're at your party! 

Using a customizable banner is not only a super cute graduation party decoration, but can also be super affordable. 

Especially through this shop on Etsy. And perk alert! She ships insanely fast, and we all LOVE fast shipping!

13. Graduation Banner 

Decorate bare walls or fences with a banner. Like the helium balloons, you can easily get one with whatever you want it to say!

Here are some examples from Amazon that are all very affordable!

dorm room essentials

14. "Congratulations Graduate" Guest Book 

Makes sure you or your graduate remembers who came to the party for years to come by having a guest book at your party! 

Place it on a cute book stand or table and make it a great graduation party decoration as well!

15. Paper Pom Poms 

Spice up ceilings, walls, or tables with these cute but easy graduation party decorations! 

16. Table Cloth 

An essential for any party, but especially for a graduation party!

A table cloth is also a great way to incorporate color and you're decorating for your graduation party, too! 

17. Mini Chalk Boards 

Hopefully this post is making you feel insanely creative. Don't stop there! Another fun graduation party decoration idea is chalkboards because they can be used for so much. 

Guide your guests through the food, and give the food insanely creative school or graduation related names with the help of these mini chalkboards from Amazon! 

18. Themed Plates and Utensils 

Let them eat cake . . . in style! Pick a color and incorporate it into all of your graduation party decorations, yes even plates and forks can be decorations too! 

Like balloons and banners, Amazon also offers colored packs of plates and utensils for a good price too! 

19. Lawn Decorations 

Let your guests know they've come to the right party by putting fun signs like these all throughout your front yard!

This are a unique graduation party decoration that is sure to have your guests talking from the start! 

20. Graduation Sash 

You have to decorate the graduate at their graduation party, too! A graduation sash is not only super cheap, but also a fun way and different way to spotlight your graduate. 

This cute and super affordable sash above is sure to keep the graduate center stage at their party!

21. Photo Booth Props 

Hint: if you can't find any graduation ones that you like, see if you can find old new years stuff from January, it has the same year on it so it works just as well! 

If not, this pack on Amazon comes with a ton of options so that your guests can take really fun group photos! 

22. Napkin Rings 

graduation party decorations

The key to good decoration is in the detail . Using this custom napkin rings from Etsy is a great detail to pay attention to! 

This graduation party decoration is also a great way to make the party feel fancier if that's the vibe you're going for!

23. Backdrop 

Another great graduation party decor idea is a Photo Booth.

 Get a shiny backdrop, but a banner on top and BOOM! You have a fun and creative way to ensure that the graduate and the guests can remember this party forever! 

24. Twinkle Lights 

Another great graduation party decoration you can pretty much do anything with are any kind of lights, but string lights especially!. 

String them up or put them in mason jars or glass bowls as a centerpiece. Adding a little light is such a fun and simple way to make sure that your party says lit! 

25. Doorway Curtain 

You or your graduate will love making an entrance through this graduation themed door! 

26. Confetti 

Another affordable, easy, and cute way to spice up table centerpieces or the food stations is by sprinkling confetti all around. 

Confetti can also be customized to say the year or the graduate's name. Here's some 2019 confetti I found on Amazon for a great price! 

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27. Streamers 

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Celebrate where they're going or where they've been with their high school or future school's colors!

Amazon sells bulk packs of streamers in various colors at great prices! 

PS: My friends bought this exact streamer set for a birthday and they are SO cute in person!

28. Custom Cake Topper 

Should you opt for a cake instead of cupcakes, no worries you can still turn it into a graduation party decoration too!

Just add a festive, graduation themed, cake topper like this one above! 

29. Graduation Party Sign (etsy) 

graduation party decor

This unique graduation party decoration is sure to have all of your guests talking as soon as they come in the front door! 

30. Signature Photo Frame 

graduation party decoration ideas

Grab a senior portrait, have it matted, and display it for all to see and sign!

A way to turn this into a fun keepsake for the graduate is to do as is shown above and display it on an easel and provide fun colored pens like these for everyone to use! 

31. Centerpieces 

Centerpieces are a VITAL graduation party decoration. 

I mean, people are going to want to sit and chat or eat, so give them a cute place to do so!

Use mason jars, photos, paper lanterns, glass jars with twinkle lights . . . the possibilities are endless! 

32. Customized Soda Sleeves (Etsy) 

graduation party decor idea

A simple yet effective and unique party favor that you can't go wrong with! 

If you want to splurge, get them customized like the ones above, but honestly just purchasing bulks that go with your color theme is a great and affordable option, too! 

33. Sunglasses 

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Move the party outside and keep your guests' eyes protected with fun sunglasses! 

Get them customized or save the ones you use at your New Years Eve Party! 

34. Inflatable Serving Bar  

Ok seriously, this is a GENIUS graduation party decoration!

It looks like a mini pool, but don't let it fool you! This inflatable holding space is great for keeping drinks cool if your party is outside.

Fill it up with ice and place those water bottles (with the custom graduation wrappers) so everyone can stay cool while having fun! 

35. Graduation Wreath 

graduation party decoration

Get your guests in the mood to celebrate from the moment they walk in the door with a graduation themed wreath!

They can get pricey, but a basic starter one with some color and photos like this one on Etsy is very affordable. 

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This post showed 35 best graduation party decorations.

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