Trendy Game Day Outfits and Accessories On Amazon and Etsy

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This post is all about the best game day outfits and accessories on Amazon.

game day outfits

I am OBSESSED with Amazon (aren't we all) and try to buy everything from it. It's so easy and really gives me a ton of options for the different things I am looking at buying (I love it - my debit card does not hahah). 

'Tis gameday season so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of all my favorite Game Day Outfits and Accessories on Amazon.

These are all things I am considering (or have already) buying so I thought this would be really helpful for you so you don't have to do all the digging. 

If you want actual game day outfit ideas, check out my post 14 Insanely Cute College Game Day Outfits Worthy of an Instagram Photo.

Game Day Outfits and Accessories on Amazon:

1. Colored Sunglasses

Everyone is wearing these sunglasses and honestly, I really like them. Plus, they're a really cheap way to take your outfit up a notch.

2. Cheerleader Skirt
3. Clear Purse

If I was going to buy a stadium approved purse it would 100% be the first place. I think its soo cute! The second purse is a close second.

4. Cute Game Day Shirt

I can't decide if that cheetah shirt at the end is a really cute shirt or the ugliest shirt I've ever seen hahaha. 

4. Jean Jacket

I own this jean jacket and it is the best!! It's my "going out" jean jacket and is perfect to layer on top of your game day shirt with the weather getting colder.

5. Comfy Shoes

Your either a sneaker girl or a cute sandal type of game day girl. I would say I am more of a sandal type of gal but last time I went to game day I wore sneakers (and they got TRASHED...someone may or may not have puked on them :/).

I know I said I was sticking with Amazon but I quickly ventured over to Etsy and found some really cute things so from here on is game day clothes from Etsy (if you've never shopped Etsy do it!! It's one of my favorite places).

7. Cute Game Day Jewelry
game day necklace

(Picture from Etsy @SummerfieldTreasures)

Would this not be such a cute game day accessory?! 

You can customize the colors and words to fit your school. I'm obsessed and definitely ordering one that says "Badgers" for my sister that goes to Madison.

8.Bandeau Tops

I found this shop on Etsy, The Broke College Girll, and her bandeau are SO CUTE and she has them for like every single school. Obsessed!!

You can click here to shop them on Etsy.

9. Custom College Fanny Pack
college game day

Another one of my favorite game day Etsy stores, Talk Tailgate To Me. GO CHECK THEM OUT. You can get a fanny pack custom made for your school.

Insanely trendy game day things and also obsessed with their bandeaus. I want to buy everythinnngg.

1. Another Bandeau
wisconsin bandeau top

An example of one of the bandeaus that Talk Tailgate To Me sells. I'm partial because I am a Wisco girl but she sells all different schools and they are equally as cute as this one.

You can find her bandeaus by clicking here.

What do you think?! Where do you buy your Game Day Outfits and accessories?

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