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MARY OWENNN!! aka fav cousin. It’s insane how its been so hot this week!60 degrees in New York… usually I would be very happy about that but cmon, it is so hard to get in the Christmas spirit with it that warm. It’s weird how fast Christmas is over and you feel like you cant listen to Christmas music at all. Anyways, I have been trying to round up as many blog posts as possible this week since I am not in school. This is the outfit Mary was wearing the day we came but I made her re put it on because I thought it was cute haha. Hope everyone had a very merry christmas spent with family and friends!


 Ahh, I can not believe Christmas is less than a week away!! It is seriously crazy and the weather really isn’t helping me get into the spirit (it’s suppose to be 60 degrees on Thursday in New York!). I spent all day on Sunday wrapping gifts and I am 100% done with Christmas shopping, which is pretty good if you ask me. I am sooo excited for New York and can’t wait to see everyone and do all our little traditions. Now onto the outfit, you guys probably legit think that I only own a pair of Hunter’s. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too opposed to that minus how they don’t keep my feet very warm. Anyways, the real reason is because I am a Grandma (aka I have bunions)(aka hate myself and gymnastics)(it’s okay you can laugh). My feet swell up so bad and I can’t even fit them into my other shoes (quite tragic and weird, I know). I don’t even know why I am posting this outfit because it’s not even that cute but I really like the scarf. There’s not much more to say so I hope that everyone enjoys their christmas week!


Christmas is almost a week away!! Ahh, can’t believe it! To help Santa out [;)] I put a list together of some things I have been eyeing recently. Obviously I will not receive anything even close to all of those because 1)if you add that together that’s an insane amount 2) my sassiness got in the way of me getting on the nice list. haha so lame but seriously that would be ridiculous to receive all of that and I am very grateful I am getting anything at all.  Hope everyone’s week goes super quickly and for all you high school and college kids; good luck on finals!


Here are two little videos I put together for Friendsgiving and a school project. The school project was a “how-to” video that Ben and I were partners for. We went way more try hard than we had to and it took wayyy longer than I thought I would but it’s a good memory to have. I have kinda been slacking in school recently but with my recent decision (aka Monday) that I may not want to go to KU anymore I had to get my butt moving to get my grades where they should be. We only have one week left until winter break and I am beyond ready! Oh, also I just decided that I am just going to use my regular instagram for my blog instead of having two accounts (if anyone cares haha).



So I’ve decided that I am going to start being a little more real on this blog and start sharing some of the experiences that have been going on. I’m not saying that I haven’t been real on here but I never really go in depth about whats happening with my life or any of the bad stuff. A few weeks ago my parents announced to us that they are getting divorced. It was extremely shocking to my sisters and I and something that I never thought we would have to go through as a family. After many tears and days for it to all sink in, life is back to normal and nothing really seems like it has changed. With the holiday season in full swing everything is going to be a little different but my parents are making it a big priority to keep everything to as close as possible to what it was, which is something I really appreciate it. I have been planning these family pictures for a really long time so having everyone together and it being “normal” was a huge deal to my sisters and I. I am very grateful for this little family of mine and all my bratty comments aside, I am glad that this family is forever.


Christmas card 2015 is complete! I decided to go for an all black kinda look which completely tones down the fur vest which will most likely be very out of style in the next few years. At only 20 dollars from Target, you can’t really go wrong;) I originally wanted a brown fur one but considering I will probably chicken out of ever wearing this again I figured I should take what I can find at a good price.

Side note: No animals were hurt in the making of this outfit.

Side note 2: That was so lame but I loled.


Can not believe it’s christmas time already!! Still feel like it should be summer and 80 degress out.. Anyways, it is one of my favorite times of the year! I loovvee christmas and all the decorating that comes along with it (as long as it’s not tacky;). This year I decided to make the long trek of bringing our christmas tree (obvi fake) from the basement allll the way up to my bedroom. Okay, let me say that I had no idea how heavy those fake trees can be! I legit broke a sweat haha. I got almost all my decorations and love how it turned out. Already planning my tree for next year;)

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