Let me tell you, BSL would not survive without this insanely talented team. They keep everything running smoothly and make it the place that over 1,000,000 people come to monthly. They are amazing workers and I could not imagine what By Sophia Lee would be like without them!

by sophia lee team

(missing our Charli, Hannah, and Izzy in this pic!)

Sarah - Head of Operations (and who whips Sophia into shape)

Sarah oversees the By Sophia Lee operation and makes sure things are ~actually~ getting done. While Sophia spews creative ideas everywhere, Sarah is the one who takes those ideas and actually makes them happen. From managing our affiliate programs, organizing our calendar, implementing appropriate SEO strategies into our content, and leading our ad campaigns, she keeps it all together with a smile on her face. Sarah makes sure that we are running the business as efficiently as possible so that we can get the best resources out to our readers. 

Graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in marketing and digital studies, she is one big deal here at By Sophia Lee.

Shelby - Content Creator (aka trend finder)

by sophia lee team 3

Shelby is a junior at University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Retail + Consumer Behavior making her the perfect person to find all the newest + coolest trends from apartment decorating to the best gifts to buy for your sister. We can always count on Shelby for sending us a perfectly curated Pinterest picture where we want every.single.thing in it. Shelby is insanely organized (I mean, she wakes up at 5:00am every morning?) and always has her cute Papier planner perfectly time-blocked and color-coded. Whenever our energy is low or we just need a good laugh, we always know that Shelby is the perfect person to go to. 

Oh, also, if Sophia ever needs advice on if she looks good or not in a photo, she knows Shelby will be 100% honest with her. 

Charli - Head of College Content (aka queen of keeping us young + filling us in on all the new trendy things college students are doing)

by sophia lee team 5

Charli is a sophomore at University of Alabama majoring in interior design with a minor in business at the honors college. She also is an active member of Zeta Tau Alpha (zeta baby). AKA why she isn't in any of the photos above! Someday we will get her to Wisconsin for a photoshoot with the entire BSL team ?.

Charli creates almost all the college content over here at BSL and helps our readers know the newest trends for dorm + college life. The rest of the team basically lives through Charli at college and loves her carefree attitude. Charli is known for her impressive ability to sleep in and her funny personality that always makes us laugh. 

This team is what keeps BSL running + I am SO proud of this insanely smart (girlboss) team we've created.