This Is How Kevin Payed Off $87,000 Of Student Debt In 2.5 Years

Sophia’s Quick Note: Today is the first of many student debt payoff interviews! I thought starting this series would be helpful for all my readers to show how it is possible to pay off your college debt quickly and learn how real people have completed it. Kevin from Financial Panther is answering my questions about how he paid of $87,000…

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How To Get Lululemon Leggings for Half The Price

Lululemon leggings are the best of the best– but they are so dang expensive!! I have continued to pay for them because they truly do last longer than any other brand I have ever tried. They don’t fade, don’t stretch, and don’t get holes in the butt (you know what I mean ;). BUT, you guys won’t believe what I found out!!…

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The Most Effective Way To Organize Your Checking Account

I am a checking account whore. Probably the best type of whore you could be 😉 On a more serious note, ever since I started following Dave Ramsey and have been getting extremely organized with my finances, I have found that the way I have my checking accounts set up greatly affects how much I save for a given month….

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