8 Important Money Tips You Need To Learn In College

Saving money in high school seemed like the most pointless thing to do.I always had a job during high school, but every time without fail, I would find something I NEED and go spend all the money I just had earned.I would buy things from expensive clothes to rugs for my room (okay, I do still sometimes appreciate these purchases…

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How To Clean Hunter Boots With One Simple Ingredient

I am the biggest fan of Hunter boots. From how easy it is to slide them on to being able to go in public in pajamas with how much of your legs they cover– they’re a huge win in my opinion. BUT, this winter Wisconsin weather can make them dirrttyyy. Like so dirty I get embarrassed to wear them. I…

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45 Sales Worth Spending Your Christmas Money On

Can you believe that Christmas is over?! There is so much time spent getting ready for it and then it’s done in a blink of an eye. Christmas has many things worth celebrating including family, faith, and friends. Buttttt, it also brings you the possibility to spend some of that gift money and go shopping!!! There are a million sales…

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How I made $617.78 Dollars in Two Weeks From Pinterest

I have used Pinterest for years, but up until last month, I had no idea you could make any money on it. Little did I know, people are bringing in thousands of dollars every month just from Pinterest.More importantly, I never thought that I (me, 20 year old sophomore in college who knows little to nothing about making money) would…

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