The Ultimate College Workout Plan: 10 Workouts You Can Do In Your Dorm

This post is all about a college workout plan.Let’s be real, the freshman 15 is no joke. You have so many new food, friends, and alcohol by you that it shouldn’t be surprising the amount of weight that can be gained.If you’re anything like me, you went a few weeks indulging in all the “new” that college brings you until you…

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What They Don’t Tell You To Bring To College: Rainy Day Edition

This post is all about college essentials clothes (rainy day edition!).When you go to college there are many things you think of bringing… comforter, futon, tv, etc. But, there are some little things that you just don’t think twice about (at least I didn’t).For me, I had no idea how much it would rain where I go to school.I honestly…

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The College Dorm Room Tour Every Freshman Needs To See

This post shows you a dorm room tour.Are you looking to find inspiration for how to decorate your freshman year dorm room?It feels like just yesterday that I was obsessed with designing exactly how I wanted to organize my dorm room and the millions of trips I would take to Target and Home Goods making sure I have everything I…

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Easy and Cheap Dorm Room Wall Decor DIY

This post shows you a dorm room wall decor DIY.I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with planning different dorm room decor DIY’s. I am constantly on Pinterest looking at some different DIY’s I can make that will make my room look so cute but I have been having such a hard time finding ideas that I actually like….

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15 Cheap Date Ideas That Will Cost Less Than $10 Dollars

This post gives you 15 cheap date ideas.Are you looking to go on a really fun date but not spend a lot of money?Dating can cost you a lot of money but there are hundreds of dates that you can go on and barely spend any more.My boyfriend and I used to think that if we didn’t have a lot…

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8 Surprising Traits of All Healthy College Relationships

This post is all about college relationships.It is pretty easy to see what college relationships are going to last and which relationships won’t.Some couples just have it together. They rarely ever fight and just seem to know how to navigate this difficult and testing time in our lives….and then there are others that break up every other day, are constantly jealous…

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