18 Best College Halloween Costumes You Need To See

This post is all about college Halloween costumes.Halloween weekend in college comes with a weird amount of pressure for finding really good college Halloween costumes.You know A LOT of pictures are going to be taken and this is really one of the main times in life besides when you’re a kid that having a good costume matters.The internet is filled…

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What Not To Bring To College | 10 College Products You Do NOT Need

This post is all about what not to bring to college.I was the girl that brought the cooking pan to college.I still can’t believe I ACTUALLY thought I would cook in the dorm kitchen.It was one of those things that I was so stubborn about buying because I was convinced that I would use it all the time.That pan was…

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The BEST Homework Planner Every Student Needs (FREE PRINTABLE!)

If you’re organization obsessed or really trying to stay on top of your school work, this homework planner will change your life.I have always been the type of person to get way overly stressed when I have a lot of assignments due so having a place to write out all my homework and come up with a game plan has…

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The Best Dorm Cleaning Schedule (FREE PRINTABLE)

I am a clean freak AND an organization freak which meant that right when I moved to college, I wanted a dorm cleaning schedule to keep me on top of everything I needed to get done.If you’re anything like the rest of BSL readers, you also like to get your sh*t together (or at least you’re trying 😉 so I…

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What ACTUALLY Happens on College Move-In Day

This post is all about college move-in day.College move-in day is SCARY.I remember thinking about it and instantly becoming so nervous. I was excited but not knowing what was about to happen had my nerves all out of whack.Looking back, it was SO not worth stressing over.We’re going to break down exactly what college move-in day is like, the best…

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29 Best College Costume Ideas for Couples

This post is all about college costume ideas for couples.Are you looking for college costume ideas for couples that will having everyone wondering “How the he** did you come up with that?!” then you’re at the right place.One of the best parts about halloween with a boyfriend/husband is being able to find a really cute couple costume together.But, why does…

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41 Best Gifts for Boyfriends That He Will Be Obsess Over

This post is all about gifts for boyfriends.Finding gifts for boyfriends can be hard.Either they already have everything or are happy with “anything”. Like what?! Us girls just need some inspiration.These gifts are so good that your boyfriend will be asking you how you even thought of them.This post is all about the best gifts for boyfriends.Gifts for Boyfriends:1. Beard…

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