6 Extremely Easy Ways to Make $100 Dollars

This post is all about easy ways to make $100 dollars. Look, we all could use a little extra money. Those shoes you saw that girl on Instagram wear? $65.00. You just realized your boyfriends birthday is only a month away? At least $100. Or maybe you have finally come to the realization that those loans you took out for…

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This Is How Michelle Paid Off $38,000 Of Student Loans In 7 Months

Sophia’s Note: Today we have an interview from Michelle of Making Sense With Cents. She paid off $38,000 of student loans in 7 months (insane!!). I am a huge fan of Michelle’s and really listen to her advice. I also have purchased her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing which she teaches you exactly how she uses affiliate marketing to…

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This Is How Ashley Paid Off $45,000 Worth of Student Loans 17 Months

Sophia’s Quick Note: Today is the second student debt payoff interview!! I am loving this series and we are getting SO many good interviews! Ashley is here from The Budget Girl answering my questions about how she paid off $45,000 of student loans in 17 months.  She has so many great posts on her blog that cover all aspects of…

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This Is How Kevin Payed Off $87,000 Of Student Debt In 2.5 Years

Sophia’s Quick Note: Today is the first of many student debt payoff interviews! I thought starting this series would be helpful for all my readers to show how it is possible to pay off your college debt quickly and learn how real people have completed it. Kevin from Financial Panther is answering my questions about how he paid of $87,000…

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