How To Style Couch Pillows To Look Expensive | 4 Genius Tips to Picking Out & Styling Throw Pillows

This post is all about how to style couch pillows and how to make your spaces instantly look more expensive with just a few throw pillow tips and tricks.

how to style couch pillows to look expensive

Throw pillows can add so much to your space. There are some really good tips and tricks that will instantly make your pillows look like they were put together by an interior designer. Goodbye are the free pillows that come with your couch and hello to new (inexpensive) pillows that look like a million dollars.

This post is filled with throw pillow tips that will help instantly take your room to the next level. You'll learn the best stores to get throw pillows, hacks to find inexpensive pillows, what size pillows to use on your couch, and more!

This post is all about how to style couch pillows to look expensive.

How to Style Couch Pillows to Look Expensive:

how to style couch pillows

Tip #1: Don't use the pillows your couch comes with!

I know, it can physically hurt to throw those pillows away, but the pillows that come with your couch are made in the cheapest way possible. It will look like you just picked up the couch from Ashleys, which you probably did and doesn't have a custom look to it.

Also, 95% of the time these pillows have the ugliest patterns on them which also doesn't help (aka the pillows that came with my couch above hah!).

Above is an example of how my couch looked with the free pillows it came with versus how it looked with the pillows I picked out myself. Big difference right?!


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Tip #2: Get pillows that are choppable. 

how to style couch pillows
how to style couch pillows

Copy this apartment:

Chopped pillows are a hot topic. some people love them and some people hate them.

If you look at professional interior designers, 95% of the time the pillows are chopped. 

You can decide for yourself if you like it or not, but I am fully on Team Chopped and think that it makes the space look much more put together. 

Some pillows just aren't made for chopping like the my free couch pillows. I have a little hack that I use to purchase pillows that are choppable without spending a fortune.

A tip for finding inexpensive choppable pillows is to go to HomeGoods, Marshalls or TjMaxx and go back to the clearance section. The most expensive part of a pillow is the actual pillow. So what I do is find the pillow size that I'm looking for and make sure that it has a removable pillow cover. I'll buy the pillow cover for super cheap, and then find a cute cover on Amazon for like $5.

The expensive part of a pillow is in the actual pillow so finding them cheaper at one of those stores I mentioned above will save you a lot of money. I did that hack on my bedroom pillows and you would never know that at one time, they were uGlY pillows.

Watch How I Style My Couch Pillows:

Tip #3: Mix and match pillows.

how to style couch pillows
how to style couch pillows

There's a time and a place for matching pillows. On my bed, I love having a row of matching pillows. On my couch, I like to have different pillows. Usually bedrooms stick to matching pillows  by the layer. So, the back layer would have all matching pillows, then there's a middle layer with matching pillows, and then usually there's a single pillow in front so that can be any pattern.

Like I said above, I like to have varied pillows on a couch but if you want to have matching pillows, stick to just two matching pillows and then have the rest be a variety.

Tip #4: Vary the pillow heights. 

how to style couch pillows

Copy this apartment:

I have a pretty big couch so you'll have to get the right amount for your couch that won't look like too much.

These are the exact pillow sizes I used - on the left side of the couch I have three pillows sitting in the corner. These pillow sizes are 24x24, 18x18, and 24x12.

On the right side of the couch, I have two pillows. The sizes are 24x24 and 18x18.

On a bed, there are all different ways that you can style pillows but what I like to do is have three large pillows across the back with a long pillow up in front. I like this for one reason and that's because it's really easy to make my bed in the morning while still looking really put together. I got these pillow inserts from HomeGoods using my hack and these pillow covers from Amazon for $5. The lumbar pillow is from American School of Charm.

This gave you some of the top tips on making your throw pillows look expensive without spending a fortune on them.

This post was all about how to style couch pillows to look expensive.

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How To Make Your Apartment Look Expensive | 12 Cheap & Easy Ways to Elevate Your Space

This post is all about how to make your apartment look expensive.

how to make your apartment look expensive

Having an apartment that looks expensive without being expensive is something that everyone wants to accomplish, right?!

There's little tips and tricks that you can do to instantly take your apartment to the next level with decor.

I am showing you how to make your apartment look expensive while sticking to a budget. These are my favorite tips + hacks I swear by that can instantly elevate your apartment into looking like you spent way more money on decorating it than you actually did.

This post is all about how to make your apartment look expensive.

How to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive:

Tip #1: Get king size pillows for your queen bed.

how to make your apartment look expensive

Recreate this apartment:

In my apartment, I have two queen size beds but I use king size pillows on both of them. This instantly makes the bed look more grand and expensive. Surprisingly, you can find king size pillows at really good prices. I got mine from Costco in a set of 2 for $20. Queen size pillows would have cost nearly the same price but these make the bed look so much more full and almost "hotel-like."

I also have these amazing silk pillowcases on my bed that were only $10 from Amazon. They have a zipper so that the pillows don't stick out of the cover and just look all around more polished. I highly recommend these, I've washed them a million times and they are holding up amazing, especially for the price.

Tip #2: Bring your curtains to the ceiling and make sure they touch the floor.

ways to make your apartment look expensive
ways to make your apartment look expensive

Recreate this apartment:

THIS IS HUGE. When hanging curtains, make sure they are long enough so they go to the top of your ceiling and hit the floor. My rule of thumb is to hang the curtains 2-3 inches from the top of your ceiling or molding. Then, they need to be long enough that they hit the floor. Unless you get custom curtains, it's very rare that your curtains will perfectly sweep the floor so what I did, being my extra as usual, was hand sew the bottom of the curtain so it swept the floor and looked "custom" without paying for custom prices.


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Tip #3: Get rugs that ACTUALLY fit your space correctly.

how to make your apartment look expensive
apartment bedroom ideas

Recreate this apartment:

A rug that is too small for your space can instantly make your room look cheap. To be honest, I even messed up on this with my living room rug (see if you can figure out why...hah! hint: the left side 😉).

Here's how you know what size rug to get for your space:

  1. The front legs of the furniture should be on the rug.
  2. The rug should have 6 inches on each side of the furniture.
  3. For a living room, you will usually buy a 8x10 rug, 9x12 rug, or 10x14 rug.
  4. For a bedroom, make sure the front legs are on the rug but that the rug doesn't extend all the way to the nightstands.
  5. The rug should have at least 8" of space on each side of the bed.
  6. A typical rug size for a queen bed is 8x10.

Tip #4: Get two comforters to make your bed look more fluffy.

how to make your apartment look expensive

Recreate this apartment:

Everyone wants their bed to look like a hotel bed, and a way to get that extra fluffy look is to add two comforters into your duvet. I got comforters from Amazon and really like them. I just literally sandwich them together into my duvet cover. I then used this Amazon Essentials duvet cover to really make the bed look complete.

This will give you that fluffy look that hotels have. 

Tip #5: Get pillows that are choppable.

Pillows do HUGE things for a room and you can easily tell a cheap pillow from an expensive pillow. To make your room look expensive, get down-pillows that are choppable. I know I know, some people are against down pillows but if you look at the top interior designers, I can almost promise you that all their pillows will be chopped.

It's really easy to test a pillow to see if it's choppable. Fluff it out, and karate chop it. 

HomeGoods has really good choppable pillows. Target is just beginning to sell choppable pillows so there definitely are a few affordable places to find them.

Tip #6: When you buy picture, make sure theres a photo mat in it.

how to make your apartment look expensive

Recreate this apartment:

When you buy a picture frame, make sure it has a photo mat in it. Really cheap photo frames don't have a mat which is why it looks more expensive when they do have one.

Michaels and IKEA have frames with photo mats that you can get for so cheap. All the frames in my living room are from Michaels and I got each one for $6! That is a crazy good deal for a frame that is this large. 

Tip #7: For bottles that are displayed, have them look pretty/match each other.

how to make your apartment look expensive

I personally like to have my dish soap out on my counter and obviously my hand soap to make my life easier, so I make sure to get dish soap that looks pretty. Just imagine how much better this looks versus having a Dawn dish soap bottle out there.

I get the Method brand from Target which come in all different colors to match your space. I actually just ran out of and refilled it with Dawn soap because I think dawn soap smells better but this way my soap looks pretty enough to keep on the counter.

Tip #8: Add large scale art/mirrors.

How To Make Your Apartment Look Expensive

Recreate this apartment:

Picture frames and mirrors on your wall that are too small can ruin the entire scale of your room. In my opinion, the bigger the better. In this little nook next to my fireplace, I wanted a mirror that was BIG. This mirror is from Target - I actually picked up a smaller version of it that was 28in and the difference of how it looked versus this one that is 34" is crazy. If you're ever doubting yourself on artwork or mirrors, go with the bigger size. 

Additionally, instead of investing in large scale artwork for my living room, I DIYed one instead. The piece that I tried to copy was insanely expensive and I knew I could make a similar version for much cheaper.  I ended up making the huge canvas for under $35. If I were to buy it, it would have been over $900! 

You can see how I created this whole wall by checking out this post here - How To Decorate Your Apartment Living Room Wall While Sticking To A Budget

Tip #9: Use matching pillows on the bed, but NOT on the couch.

how to make your apartment look expensive
how to make your apartment look expensive

In your bedroom, use matching pillows. In your living room, DON'T use matching pillows. Using matching pillows in your living room screams "I just bought this couch from a department store + got them for free." I love getting a variety of pillows and pillow covers for my couch. My favorite places to get pillow covers right now are Woven Nook, Amazon, and Target.

On your bed, using matching pillows can make the room look super pulled together. On my bed, I used three 26x26 pillows and got the pillow covers from Amazon. I love these because one, they're big and make the bed once again feel more grand and expensive, and two, they're so big that even when my bed isn't made perfectly, they still make it look really good.

Tip #10: Get larger nightstands.

Recreate this apartment:

how to make your apartment look expensive

This is another tip I learned from stalking interior designers on Instagram. I noticed that in the majority of the bedroom pictures, the nightstands were really large. Almost like they were dressers more than nightstands.

To get this look in my bedroom for cheaper, I found these baby changing tables from Walmart for $160. That's a really good price for nightstands in general and it was much larger than other nightstands I was finding, just like my favorite interior designers.

Tip #11: Add metallic items

By adding a few metallic items to a room (sparingly.. don't overdo it!), you can make the room feel a bit more luxurious. Wether it's a mirror, vase, or picture frame, a little bit of metallic is an easy way to elevate a room. 

I love the way this living room is so simple but added the small metallic detail in the lampshade. 

Tip #12: Fresh flowers and greenery. 

Fresh flowers can instantly make a room look more expensive. The bigger the bouquet the better. I personally try to keep fresh flowers in one of my rooms but it does get expensive. There are definitely a ton of great fake flowers and greenery that look real that can definitely be something to invest in. 

This is especially great for the summer time to liven up a room or add some fresh color and scents. 

This post is about how to make your apartment look expensive.

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27 Genius Tips To Bathroom Organization + Storage | How To Make The MOST Of Your Small Bathroom

Moving into your apartment and lost on how to keep your bathroom looking spotless at all times? This post is all about bathroom organization.

bathroom organization ideas

Ever since I started looking at apartments, I was obsessed with finding the best bathroom organization tips and tricks.

There are so many different ways to incorporate organization into your bathroom to ensure that it's always looking clean and clutter free.

Here are some of my favorite bathroom organization tips and some that I personally used in my own bathroom when I moved into my first apartment. 

This post is all about bathroom organization.

Best Bathroom Organization Ideas:

1. Use Lazy Suzans for Easy Access to Products

bathroom organization

Recreate this bathroom organization:

A great bathroom organization idea is by using lazy susan type containers. This makes finding products so much easier since you can just spin it around to find what you need. 

I used these in my cabinets so I wouldn't have to dig around to find things that were hidden in the back. I'm obsessed with how easy this made things and how much more organized my bathroom feels. 

2. Organize Products By Use 

bathroom organization

One of my favorite bathroom organization hacks is organizing products by use and category. When organizing my bathroom, I took everything out and planned out with sticky notes where I wanted each type of product to go. This way everything was way easier to find. 

I then put all the products together by category and added them to the shelves in the planned space. 

3. Clear Dividers in Vanity Drawers

bathroom organization

Recreate this bathroom organization:

Drawers can become incredibly messy very quickly. By adding a few clear dividers to your vanity drawers, you can keep all your products separated and in one space. 

I personally used a variety of sizes for the clear containers in my drawer so I could fit all of my different products. 

4. Organize Towels on Towel Rack

Recreate this bathroom:

Instead of hanging towels, keep them in this sleek towel rack. This is a more unique way to store towels and also saves space in your cabinets or closet where you would otherwise store towels. 

You could also get accent color towels to add more color to your bathroom decor. 

5. Under The Sink Slide-Out Drawers

Recreate this bathroom:

If most of your bathroom storage is under the sink, using slide out drawers makes retrieving items much easier. This also ensures that every item has a place, instead of having things randomly placed under the sink. 

This is also a great way to keep things off the counter, making the space look much cleaner. 

6. Label Clear Containers

Recreate this bathroom:

To add a cute touch and ensure that you know where things go, add a label to your clear containers. 

I love how this bathroom utilized a variety of different container sizes and added a bubbly cursive font to a few of the containers. Such an adorable and functional touch. 


apartment checklist

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7. Around the Toilet Storage For Small Bathrooms

In a bathroom with very little space, it can be difficult to find places to keep all your things. I know as a girl with a lot of products, it can be hard to organize everything when there isn't much space. 

Utilizing the space around your toilet is a great way to use space that you normally wouldn't. There is a wide range of organization options for around the toilet so there is definitely something for every space and aesthetic. 

8. Hide Feminine Products in Cute Containers

No one wants to have their feminine products visible in their bathroom, especially if they plan to have guests use the bathroom. 

Find cute containers to hide them in while also adding a touch of decor to your bathroom organization. It's a win-win! 

9. Store Items Inside Cabinet Door

Recreate this bathroom:

Unfortunately, hair products and tools can take up a lot of space and also get in the way with the long cords they carry. 

A great way to utilize the unused space inside your cabinets is storing hair tools inside the cabinet door. This hanging storage is perfect for the hair essentials! 

10. Utilize Wall Space as Storage

Recreate this bathroom:

To keep products off of your counter space, using the wall space above is a great bathroom organization option.

This mason jar and wood wall mount is a perfect way to add a rustic touch to any bathroom while also keeping this organized and off the counter. 

11. Over-the-Toilet Shelving

Recreate this bathroom:

Over the toilet shelving is another great bathroom organization hack that utilizes unused space. Instead of adding a picture frame of decor item, adding shelves is a functional way to add organization while also adding decor. 

You can mix in bathroom products with other accents such as candles or greenery to make it more cohesive with the rest of the bathroom decor. 

12. Glass Canisters for Storing Essentials

Recreate this bathroom:

For those items that you keep backups for or seem to have a large amount of, adding them into a glass canister like these makes it look much more organized and makes it look a little prettier. 

13. Store Makeup in a Clear Container

Recreate this bathroom:

If you're a makeup junky with a large variety of different products, storing them in a container specific for makeup is a perfect way to keep your products organized and clean. 

I used to just throw them in a makeup bag, but it'd take me even longer to get ready because I'd have to dig through to find things. My makeup would also get all over and make my products dirty. 

Definitely recommend getting an organization container for your makeup. I have this one and it's amazing! 

14. Keep Toilet Paper in a Basket

Recreate this bathroom:

The worst thing ever is going to the bathroom and then realizing there's no toilet paper. Keeping a few rolls in a cute container above the toilet solves this problem while also adding a cute touch to the toilet area. 

I love the way this bathroom tied in the basket with the shelves above the toilet. It all works so well together while also being functional. 

15. Use Wicker Baskets for Storage

Using large wicker baskets for bathroom closet organization is a great way to easily hide clutter. 

Adding a variety of wicker baskets on different shelves creates a great balance throughout the closet. 

16. Use a Variety of Containers & Bins

Recreate this bathroom organization:

Using a variety of different bins and containers is a great way to make a bathroom closet look better while keeping the clutter separated. 

A great way to make sure you remember where things are is by adding decorative labels like this bathroom did. 

17. Use a Label Maker to Perfectly Label Containers

Recreate this bathroom:

If you're one of those people that loves labeling everything, this bathroom organization DIY idea is for you. 

Separate all your products into their specific categories and label them. This makes it so much easier to find things quickly AND it just looks so much more organized. 

18. Under the Sink Shelving

Recreate this bathroom:

bathroom organization

For bathrooms with limited storage, create storage under the sink by adding shelves. These wooden shelves from IKEA are so cute and add function to a space that otherwise didn't serve any purpose. 

I love how this bathroom used two of these shelves and added towels, containers and products. 

19. 3-Tiered Basket

Another bathroom organization option to get products off the counter space in bathrooms with limited storage is a tiered basket like this one.

This adds functionality to the counter space but can also be used as a decor piece. Like this bathroom, you can add a few flowers and small accessories to the basket, along with bathroom items, to create a piece that is cohesive with the rest of the bathroom decor. 

20. Rolling Cart 

Recreate this bathroom:

For more bathroom storage and a touch of gold, a rolling cart like this one would be a perfect addition to a bathroom! 

This gives you a lot more storage but is a much cuter option than just bins for storage. I love how this bathroom added some greenery and used glass containers for products on the top.. so cute! 

21. Put Soaps & Lotions on a Tray

For things like soaps, lotions and candles, get a tray to keep everything on. This one of the easier small bathroom organization ideas but it really adds a cute touch to any bathroom. 

By adding greenery or another accent accessory to the tray, you can really make it look pretty. 

22. Incorporate Free Standing Shelves

If you have extra space in your bathroom, adding shelving is great way to include additional storage while also creating a spot for more decor. 

I love how this bathroom added a basket as well as the plants on the top shelf to balance out the bathroom essentials with the decor. 

23. Utilize Bathtub for Storage

For those that are lucky enough to have a bathtub in their bathroom, using the space around is great for towel storage. 

24. Free Standing Bathroom Cabinets

Recreate this bathroom:

bathroom organization

For extra cabinet space, adding a free standing cabinet is a great way to add some extra storage. This is a nice option too if you want to hide any clutter because it's closed organization. 

For bathrooms that are larger, this is a perfect addition.

25. Towel Rod Behind the Toilet 

To add some shelving as well as a towel rack, this 2-in-1 shelving unit is perfect for over the toilet. This definitely gives off a more rustic feeling which is perfect for that type of decor. 

26. Behind the Door Storage 

To maximize bathroom storage space, utilizing the back of the door can add a lot of room for random products and towels. 

This over the door storage option is so affordable and perfect for any bathroom. 

27. Corner Shower Caddy

Recreate this bathroom:

For small showers, a corner shower caddy adds a few racks in the shower without taking up a ton of space. This one of my favorite easy small bathroom organization ideas for the shower. 

This post is all about bathroom organization.

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28 Apartment Balcony Ideas That Will Transform Your Balcony Into a Space You Love

Looking for ways to make the most out of your apartment balcony? These are the best apartment balcony ideas to transform your space into a place you don't want to leave. 


What's the point of having an outdoor space at your apartment if you don't use it to its full potential? There are so many different ways to decorate your apartment balcony...and it can be easy!

If you're looking for apartment balcony ideas, these are the best of the best. You'll create a space you love so much that it will become an extension of your apartment.

This post is all about the best apartment balcony ideas for creating a space you will never want to leave. 

Transform Your Apartment Balcony With These Ideas...

1. Get an Outdoor Rug 

Recreate this patio:

Adding an outdoor rug to your balcony can instantly make your apartment balcony feel cozier. Sticking with a neutral rug like the one above, creates a perfect base for a space that you can then go decorate with more pops of color (or if you're like Sophia, you'll stick to the neutrals :).

Outdoor rugs can get pricey so shop around. We recommend checking out Target and Ikea as they have outdoor rugs that look really cute without breaking your budget. In Sophia's balcony, she was able to find to her exact rug for $100 which is an amazing deal for a rug this size!

2. Choose Either Chairs or A Table 


Depending on the size of your apartment balcony, you can either choose to have a full size table or you can stick with larger chairs and a small table in between them.

In my personal apartment balcony (pictured above), I was just on the verge of having enough space for an outdoor table. Since my apartment kitchen isn't big enough for a table, I decided to go for it even though it would be tight (and now that we have used the table for a few weeks...we LOVE IT!).

If you have a small apartment balcony, sticking with two chairs and a really cute side table put in between the chairs would be the perfect way to decorate the space without making it feel too crowded. 


apartment checklist

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3. Patio Chairs


Recreate this patio:

One of the most common ways to decorate an apartment patio is by getting outdoor chairs. Would it really be a balcony without chairs to drink your morning coffee in or have a glass of wine at night?!

Outdoor chairs are expensive. Way more expensive than I ever thought they would be. I searched for a long time for outdoor chairs for my table that didn't cost over $600 but also didn't look like they'd fall apart tomorrow. 

Due to how expensive outdoor chairs are, this would be one of the biggest reasons to stick with two nicer chairs and a small table between it because these chairs ADD up. I ended up getting 6 of these from Target and spent a little over $400. I know, I nearly died when I saw they were that much too.

Other places that I saw had cute but "cheaper" outdoor chairs were Overstock, Walmart, and Home Depot.

4. Add Lights


We knew we wanted lights on our own balcony but we had no idea how much we would love having them. It has made the space so much cozier than it was before. 

We hung lights overhead but there are so many ways to incorporate lights on an apartment balcony - string them along the porch, candles, lanterns, etc. to name a few! 

In the Youtube video of Sophia decorating her apartment balcony, how she was able to hang the lights without nailing any holes into the wall. 

5. Candles


Candles not only add decor, but they are the perfect way to add ambiance into your apartment balcony decorating.

If you have a large table to decorate, you can layer candles on top or get a decorative candle piece like the one above. I wasn't able to find the exact decorative candle piece from HomeGoods but here is a similar option I love (getting two of these and layering them would be so cute!).

I love how they turned out and they look perfect for the rest of the balcony furniture! I filled mine with realistic tea lights that turn on and off so I don't need to worry about my apartment burning down (hah!). Plus, it's easy and quick. 

Candles are a great way to add some lighting to your apartment balcony and create such a perfect ambiance on a summer night. 

6. Add Lanterns 


Recreate this patio:

apartment balcony ideas

If you look at the most popular small apartment balcony decor on Pinterest, almost every single one has lanterns. These can add so much to a space while also adding ambiance, as mentioned in the last tip.

I got these lanterns from Target for my own apartment balcony and they are perfect! So many places sell lanterns at varying prices that you can add onto your own apartment balcony. 

7. Add Outdoor Pillows To Chairs

This is one of the easier apartment balcony ideas, but it truly makes such a difference. If you plan to have seating, adding a few outdoor throw pillows is a great way to add decor elements. Mix and match a few patterns for the perfect addition to your apartment balcony. 

This is also the perfect place to add a splash of color. Sophia likes her spaces neutral, so she stuck with this black and white pillow from Target, but you can add pops of color that compliment the rest of your apartment balcony. 

Watch Me Transform My Apartment Balcony:

8. Add a Variety of Plants 

Greenery is a great way to add color to your balcony and also bring the outdoors into the mix.

Plants are a great way to create a tranquil feeling in your outdoor space, mimicking the actual outdoors but in your own home. Being surrounded by nature is always a great way to create a relaxing space.. and it looks cute! 

9. Hang a Curtain 

Recreate this patio:

Whether it's an ugly wall you're trying to cover or a part of your balcony that just needs a little something else, hanging a curtain is a surprising thing to consider for apartment balcony.

By utilizing the wall space with a flowy curtain creates an effortless feeling on your apartment balcony. We love sticking to a white curtain like the one above because it makes plants pop out. 

10. Pops of Summer Colors

It never hurts to add a few pops of color, especially in the summer months!

If you get bored of the all neutral color palettes, adding a few pieces that incorporate some color is a great way to spice it up. I love this orangy yellow, especially for the summer.

11. Modern Neutrals

Recreate this patio:

I am very much a neutral person when it comes to decor so I'm obsessed with this apartment balcony idea! It's so simple and elegant and makes the space seem very cozy. 

If you have a small space like this one, having a two small chairs and adding pillows to them is a great way to make it a cozy corner. I also love how they incorporated a ladder.. great way to cover an ugly wall or hang a light on! 

12. Create a Comfy Corner 

I can already imagine my girlfriends and I cozying up on this couch with a glass of wine! Add a ton of pillows and a comfy blanket and you've got the perfect corner to relax in. 

By adding a variety of hanging lights, you also add a cozy element to the space. Lights in the window, along the balcony edge, and lanterns are a perfect touch to this cozy corner. 

13. Incorporate Unique Chairs 

Love how modern and unique this chair is. For small spaces, getting things off the ground is a great way to make your balcony seem larger. 

This apartment balcony does a great way of saving space and opening it up to seem bigger than it is. By hanging the planters on the wall, as well as the floating bar top, they avoid crowding the floor space which really opens it up. Love this for small apartment balconies! 

14. Add Shelving 

Recreate this patio:

Shelving allows you to add a lot more decor to your balcony. You can customize each shelf with plants or different nick nacks. Love the dark contrast of this one with the greenery! 

If you have more space on your balcony, this is a great way to fill a larger area and allows you to decorate it. I love this black one because it creates such a great contrast against the rest of the furniture and compliments the dark wall & couch so well. 

15. Breakfast Nook

If you don't have much space, getting a small table and chairs allows you to get the most out of your balcony. This is perfect for a hot cup of coffee on a warm summer morning 🙂 

For a larger balcony, this is also a great way to incorporate a table and chairs in addition to an outdoor couch. Best of both worlds! 

16. Mega Couch

Recreate this patio:

Another super cozy option is creating a mega couch in one of the corners of your balcony. This is a great way to fill up a space that might not fit a full couch or a couple outdoor chairs. 

And look how cozy that is! Would be perfect for an outdoor movie or just lay and look at the stars! 

17. Balcony Bar Top

Another option for a small balcony is a bar top looking over the edge. This is a great way to utilize a super tight space but still allows you to enjoy the view. 

This would definitely be pretty easy to DIY as well. 

18. Add Some Shade

Privacy can be important to incorporate into your apartment balcony, especially if you have extremely close neighbors.

For more privacy and shade, there are a ton of different options to block out the view into your porch. This can also create a more intimate feeling on your balcony which is always a great option. 

19. Incorporate the Wall Space

For apartment balconies with large wall space, put up a few frames or a tapestry to tie the entire space together. 

I love the way this balcony incorporated the neutral tones throughout the walls by using a variety of different textures. It creates a unique feeling that goes well with the rest of the decor. 

20. A Spot to Recline

For those that like to lay out all day, get a lounge chair that reclines. On a hot summer day, you won't want to leave this spot. 

21. Add Flowers

How elegant is this apartment balcony idea? Adding a variety of flowers and a LOT of them can really elevate the space and create an incredibly classy balcony. 

If you are more of a girly girl, this is your perfect balcony! 

22. Hang a Chair or Hammock 

Recreate this patio:

Hanging hammocks or chairs gives off a super boho, cozy look. This is such a perfect spot to curl up with a good book on a Saturday morning 🙂 

If you want something different than just regular patio furniture, this is a unique seating option that can make your apartment balcony a place you will love hanging out in. 

23. Incorporate Floor Pillows

If you don't have enough space to add another chair or couch to your balcony, floor pillows are a great alternative. 

You don't necessarily need to always keep the pillows out either. You can keep them hidden until you have guests - they're great for entertaining! 

24. Outdoor Pallet Seating

Recreate this patio:

I have seen these pallet chairs and couches all over Pinterest! Such a great affordable alternative than actual outdoor seating (which can get really expensive, trust me). 

This allows you to really customize the shape and size as well as the cushions you want to add to it. Super unique and looks amazing! 

25. Unique Flooring

A great way to add a bit of character to your apartment balcony is playing with flooring. This could be with a rug, tiles, etc. but it's a great way to add a little somethin' somethin' without going crazy with furniture or decor. 

26. Boho Outdoor Oasis

If you're into the boho vibes... this. is it. 

I love the variety of candles and lanterns this backyard patio utilizes. Also the plants are so elegant and work perfect with the rest of the decor. 

27. Black and White Contrast

Recreate this patio:

I love how this apartment balcony incorporating a variety of black throughout - rugs, plant holders, pillows, etc. - which creates amazing contrast with the rest of the neutral colors. 

Also how fun is this egg shaped chair? I've been seeing these everywhere and love the look they give off. And it looks so cozy! 

28. Pastel Door & Accents

For a more simple and subtle apartment balcony idea, this one is so cute with the blue pastel coloring and wood accents. 

This post is all about apartment balcony ideas.

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Everything To Know About Dorm Move In Day | 15 Tips For An Easy Move-In

This post is all about dorm move in day.

dorm move in day

Moving into the dorms can be super stressful. I remember the entire day was just chaos - you're excited but stressed about moving but also sad to say goodbye to your family - soo many emotions! 

After moving in and out of the dorms myself, as well as helping my sister move in, I've definitely found some things that help make the entire process a little easier. 

Here are my best tips and tricks to make dorm move in day go a little smoother.

This post is all about dorm move in day. 

Tips & Tricks For Dorm Move In Day:

1. Only bring the essentials

dorm move in day

One of my biggest regrets when moving into my dorm room was overpacking. I seriously brought my entire wardrobe from home (which was incredibly unnecessary lol). 

Only bring things that you NEED. Remember you're going to still be purchasing things throughout the year that you're going to need room for! If you haven't worn something in the last 6 months, leave it at home. 

For a list of all the essentials I recommend bringing, check out my dorm essentials post (links to everything I bought for my dorm too!).


college packing list

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2. Door stopper 

The door to my freshman year dorm did not stay open on it's own (and locked automatically) which was super annoying when we were moving in. We would have to unlock it every time or propped it open with a shoe. 

A door stop is super helpful when moving in but also great to have throughout the year! I think it made a huge difference when meeting people on my floor - when I had my door propped open, people felt way more inclined and comfortable to peek in and say hi!

This also is definitely one of my biggest tips for meeting new people in the dorms. 

3. Tool set

For some reason I didn't bring a screw driver when I was moving into my dorm (dumbbb) and needed it for a lot of things. If you have a small tool box or just a few screw drivers, bring them! 

We had storage shelves that we had to put together and didn't have a screw driver so we had to go buy one lol my dad was not happy. Don't forget this! 

4. Lots of Command strips / hooks 

Most dorms have brick walls which makes it really difficult to hang things. Definitely recommend bringing a ton of Command strips and hooks so you can hang pictures, lights, etc. 

These make the move-out process way easier too because they come off the wall super easily and damage-free. 

I used these all the time to hang wall decor. For some wall decor inspiration, check out all my favorite ideas here!

5. A fan or two 

Most dorms unfortunately don't have A/C (and if yours does you are LUCKY) but moving boxes and heavy items all day is a workout. 

It's bound to get hot in your dorm room so you'll definitely want to bring a small fan that you can set up when you're moving in. And this is a good essential to have in general because the first few weeks are HOT. 

6. Coordinate move-in time with roommate 

dorm move in day

In such a small space, having two families moving stuff in is realllyyyy difficult. Like I could barely have my family in the room without feeling overwhelmed. 

Definitely talk with your roommate and coordinate move-in times - maybe one gets the morning and the other gets the afternoon. It'll be way easier when you have the entire space to work with when moving in and getting everything set up. 

7. Wait to buy things you don't need right away

There are definitely going to be things that you don't need to buy beforehand - like a Keurig, microwave, TV, etc. 

Instead of wasting space in your car, wait to buy these things once you get to school. I did a HUGE Target run once I unpacked the car for things that I didn't necessarily need the first night of school. 

This will make packing at home much easier. 

dorm room essentials

8. Pack clothing strategically 

Since you aren't going to have a ton of room in your closet, try to pack things according to season. I always kept my sweaters stored under my bed until it started to get cold and then switched them out for my summer clothing. 

If your closet is on the smaller side, this is a great way to free up some space and keep things organized. 

9. Cleaning supplies

Before moving in, definitely do a quick wipe down of the desks and any other surfaces!

Things can get dusty fast and you want to make sure that everything is clean and sanitized before you put your things there. 

10. Don't forget your pillow!

I swear it's the obvious things that people end up forgetting the most. I was so dumb freshman year and forgot my pillow at home! I was so mad because I literally can't sleep well without that exact pillow so it was a rough first week haha. 

Definitely make sure you have the small things but also make sure you're not forgetting anything obvious! 

11. Plan dorm layout beforehand

dorm move in day

Talk to your roommate and brainstorm what kind of layout you want - lofting beds, who's bed is where, where to put the TV and futon, etc. 

This was one of the most time consuming parts for me when I moved into my dorm room because we hadn't planned anything and ended up moving the furniture around like 10x haha. If you have at least an idea of what you want the layout to be, the process will be much quicker!

12. Coordinate who's purchasing big items 

To ensure you don't show up to the dorms with two TVs, make a list of all the big items you're going to need and decide between your roommate(s) who wants to bring what. Here are the big items I would recommend deciding on: 

  • TV 
  • TV stand / storage
  • Futon
  • Microwave
  • Keurig
  • Rug
  • Tapestry

Obviously you don't need all of these things in your dorm but these are all of the big items that people tend to purchase!

For a list of everything I recommend bringing to college, check out my dorm essentials list!

13. Bring a snack and something to drink 

Move in day takes a lot longer than you might expect and A LOT more energy. Definitely plan on eating a good meal beforehand and bring some small snacks and something to drink. 

When my family and I moved my stuff into my dorm, it took us so long and everyone got really HANGRY and we all ended up screaming at each other over the dumbest things lol. 

Avoid causing stupid arguments due to hunger and plan accordingly! 

14. Make sure you have all the paperwork / IDs that you need 

Go through and make sure you have filled out everything you need to and have the correct identification so when you get to dorm check-in it can be as quick as possible. 

My mom always prints everything out and puts it in a separate folder so it's all in one place and easy to find (which is now what I always do too - so easy!). 

15. Keep hanging clothes on hangers

This is a moving hack I always use (just used it when moving into my apartment!). It saves sooo much time since you can literally take the clothes out of the bag and hang them up instead of having to put each thing on a hanger. 

I love finding ways to make moving easier. Here are some more of my favorite moving hacks.

This post is all about dorm move in day.

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How I Made My Cheap Mattress ($260) Feel Like a Hotel Bed

This post is all about how I made my cheap mattress (only $260!) feel and look like a hotel bed.

cheap mattress

Before I moved into my first apartment, I had NO idea how expensive mattresses and beds really were. I was on a mission to find a way to make it affordable while also looking expensive. 

But most importantly, I wanted my bed to be comfortable obviously. I did sooo much research and found these deals that honestly made my bed look like it was really freakin' expensive.

Everything combined (mattress, mattress topper, bedding, etc.) only cost me around $500. I'd say that's pretty impressive! 

In this post, I tell you the way I turned a mattress that was under $300 into the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

How To Make a Cheap Mattress Feel Like a Tempurpedic Bed:

Watch me show you EVERYTHING I got for my bed: 

1. The Mattress 

I researched and researched for the best mattresses and quickly realized how expensive they were. I first went to the classic mattress stores like Steinhafels and places that you could actually lay on the mattresses. I would find one and be like "oh yeah this is comfortable" and the sales guy would tell me it's $1500... like WHAT?!! 

I was not about to drop a grand on a mattress lol. So I started looking on Amazon and searched the cheapest mattresses with the highest ratings and found this one... and omg it is SO comfortable. 

This one I got for around $260. It's a foam mattress that came in box and it's 14" and it's seriously so comfortable. 

2. Mattress Topper & Protector

The combination of this mattress topper and the mattress itself is seriously so comfortable... I'm in love with it. I bought it for around $55 and it is so amazing. 

If you have an uncomfortable mattress at home, try this on top before investing in a whole new mattress. It will save you a ton of money and it's soo comfy! 

Under my mattress topper, I have a mattress protector. I got this because I wanted to make sure that my mattress would last as long as possible. 

3. Sheets

This sheet set has a cult following on Amazon. Everyone LOVES them and they're only $24 for the entire set which is insane. I had them all throughout the dorms in the Twin XL version, my bedroom at home and now here in my apartment. 

What you get in the sheet set: top sheet, bottom sheet & pillow cases. 

4. Comforter & Duvet

I got this white duvet cover which was pretty inexpensive and I really like it so far. 

What I did to make the duvet & comforter look really fluffy and expensive was I got TWO duvet inserts. Once you get them, throw them in the dryer with a tennis ball and it will get them even fluffier. 

The duvet inserts that I got I LOVE. I got a cheaper version for my guest room and it's not nearly as good so I highly recommend this one. 

5. Pillow Cases 

So I wanted silk pillow cases on all the pillows in my apartment because I'm ~extra~ but seriously they are way more comfortable AND only $10. I also love these because they have a zipper at the top so you don't see the pillow inside. 

Pro Tip: I also got king sized pillows for my bed because people say it makes your bed look way more expensive which I definitely think it does. And honestly they are so much nicer to sleep with.

6. Throw Pillows & Pillow Protectors

My pillow cases I got were from Amazon for around $7 so super affordable. The pillow itself I found at HomeGoods. I just went to the clearance section in the back and found these down 26x26 pillows on sale. I did not want to spend a ton on full price down pillows because those can get really pricy. 

I got pillow protectors as well because I want to try to make them last as long as possible. 

This post is all about how I made my cheap mattress (only $260!) feel and look like a hotel bed.

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What I Regret Buying For My First Apartment | 9 Things I Wish I Did Differently

Moving into your first apartment is a very overwhelming process which usually involves a whole 'lotta stuff you need to buy. This post is all about what I regret buying for my first apartment and the things I didn't need to spend money on.

what i regret buying for my first apartment

I’m going over ALL the things I regret buying for my first apartment or what I wish I could do over again. This will help you when moving into your own first apartment to know what’s necessary to buy and what isn’t.

To be honest, there aren't too many things that I fully regret buying. I thought and researched everything so intensely before buying it that there are no “stupid” purchases.

HOWEVER, I am learning that there are areas of my apartment that I could have saved money or done more efficiently. My mistakes will help you move into your first apartment a little more smoothly!

This post is all about what I regret buying for my first apartment. 

What I Regret Buying For My First Apartment:

1. Expensive Silverware & Cooking Utensils 

what i regret buying for my first apartment

I’m going to be honest, I purposely spent more money on this because I wanted nicer cooking utensils that will really last. Was it necessary? Definitely not. You can go to the Dollar Store or even get the generic brand at Target or Walmart and save SO much money.

I was just being high-maintenance and wanted nice stuff ;). These things add up so it wouldn’t hurt to buy these at a cheaper store, see what you actually use, and then invest in nicer cooking utensils.

HOWEVER, if you do want "nicer" silverware I do really love mine. I've had them for about three months now (and they've gone through the dishwasher 13203 times) and still look just as good. You can click here to get my silverware.

Watch What I Regret Buying For My First Apartment in Video Form: 

2. Safety Alarm For Your Door 

what i regret buy for my first apartment

The second thing I regret buying is this door security system. I actually have one that I REALLY like but this first one I bought, doesn’t fit with any of my doors.

An alarm is supposed to sound every time a door would go over it but my doors were too high so it would go directly over top of it and not do anything. This was something that I definitely didn’t think about when buying it.

Unfortunately, I already opened the package so I couldn't return it. Definitely look at all of the details before investing in any security system to make sure that is compatible with your new place. 

The one I have below is awesome!! I use it on my doors every single night.

What To Get Instead:

3. Moving Boxes! 

what i regret buying for my first apartment

Okay, this is definitely one of the things I regret the most because it truthfully was such wasted money.

I bought all new boxes for moving and it cost me $50 for 12 of them. I realized that I could have gotten them from other places for just $1.  

Places to get cheap boxes: Next time you move go to Home Depot (if you have one near you) and they have small, medium, and large boxes for super cheap. I only know the large size is 97 cents a piece (US) so I assume the other sizes are even cheaper.

Other places to get boxes: bought from Facebook Marketplace $1 each, you can drive by liquor stores, gas stations, etc. and they will give you free boxes for anything! You can also find out when certain stores get their delivery trucks in and then go there later that night or the next day and they'll usually have a ton of boxes they'll give you for free. Plus then you can pick out the different sizes you want 🙂

4. Cable

Cable definitely isn't necessary but if you are like me and you're a HUGE reality TV show watcher (haha I know judge me), you might want the ability to watch things live. So I really wanted to have cable but I didn’t want to have to pay for it.

I use Spectrum for my internet and was debating getting the cable option but they wanted around $150 a month for it! That adds up quick so I held out and I’m so glad I did.

On their app, they allow you to do a deal that gives you cable for $25 a month if you have a smart TV or Roku. I don't know how this is different than actual cable because it seems the same to me, and is sooo much cheaper! Minus the fact that I don’t have DVR. 

What To Get Instead:


apartment checklist

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5. NOT Buying Soap

I seriously regret NOT buying is soap for when I first moved in. I totally forgot this. Also, forgot bath mats. Those are just small things but you definitely want soap there when you first move in. 

Oh, and paper towels. 

6. NOT Buying Enough Tupperware

I did NOT buy enough tupperware. Living alone, you will have a lot of extra food and at least for me, one set of these tupperware was not enough.

I got these from Target but I know they have really inexpensive ones for food prepping that are more plasticy that you can get on Amazon or grocery stores.

Things I'm Happy I Bought For My First Apartment:

7. Pre-Cut Parchment Paper 

Pre-cut parchment paper is definitely unnecessary but I'm so happy I found this. This thing is AMAZING! This is definitely a first world problem if I’ve ever seen it and I am so thankful that this is an annoyance for me, but I hate ripping parchment paper.

I swear I always end up wasting some of it or not cutting it long enough. This precut parchment paper is life changingggg. It’s seriously amazing.

8. Vegetable Cutter

OMG, if you cut a lot of onions or really any vegetable you NEED THIS. It is amazing and I can literally slice an entire onion in 30 seconds total. 

For anyone that loves making quick meals or just gets lazy when it comes to chopping veggies, this will save you so much time and effort when making meals. 

9. Mattress Topper

I have gone on and on about this dang mattress pad but I am telling you, it is AMAZING and worth every penny. If you’re mattress sucks, invest $50 into your mattress. This will get a few more years out of it, it's that good. 

Mattress toppers can get pricey too so $50 for this one that is actually super comfortable is such a good deal for what you get! I'm so happy I found this one, I tell everyone about it. 

This post was all about what I regret buying for my first apartment.

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