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lately I have been super into watercolor lettering. i have admired people that are good at this (like A Fabulous Fete– i literally dream of being that good) and have tried doing it myself. it never turns out how i invision in my head so i usually get frustrated… i know, not the right way to go about it. i…

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  01. this would be perfect for a photo backdrop. anything with flowers has been pulling me in lately. so ready for winter to be over!   02. this is my dream kitchen. seriously, I wouldn’t change a thing. 03. I have been craving summer hardcore and these remind me exactly of that. will definitely be making these once summer finally decides to show up. 04. I…

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    01. cover your wood numbers [or letters] in mod podge and cover with glitter. shake off excess glitter and let dry. 02. spray numbers with clear spray paint to make sure all the glitter stays in place and doesn’t get on your cake. 03.  hot glue wood sticks onto the back of the numbers making sure to position it so you can you cant…

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This week we’re celebrating my little sisters 16th birthday. I have been wanting to make a cake for the longest time and this finally gave me the excuse to do so. It is so simple and looks so pretty. Original Buttercream Ingredients: -1 bag powdered sugar -1 cup shortening -2 teaspoons vanilla extract -1/2 cup to 3/4 cup milk Instructions: Blend the shortening…

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I have been so busy recently and haven’t kept up with my blogging schedule at all (hoping to be on it again Sunday!). I have been doing a ton of fun things and want to remember them all. With this in mind, I decided I want to start doing a catch up every two weeks so I can remember all…

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  I have really been trying to blog more and get my name out. With this, I have tried to gain a bigger following and I am using Instagram as a way to do that. In the process, I have found so many accounts that I love. 1// annawithlove– Anna instagram is seriously beautiful. Im not kidding- all of her…

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  Tassels are everywhere lately. Recently, while I was at a local boutique I saw string tassels and I loved this version of them. I got thinking about how I could create these for my room and found that these are SO easy to make. Supplies:-String (I didn’t even use a whole thing of string and I got 10 small…

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