This week has been one of the two times a year that I dread- exam week. Fortunately, I think I have  mastered (okay not really but as mastered as it will ever be) how to not become too stressed and get the grades I had worked for.  

1. Make a schedule– I am a huge schedule follower. I start thinking about how I am going to schedule my time for exams about two weeks out. This is how I usually do mine:

2 weeks before: Begin collecting all material needed for studying. Also, because my school allows us to have one exemption, I choose the class that I want to exempt. This is usually the class that is hardest for me and is in an inconvenient time slot meaning if I have three of my hardest classes one day, I am going to exempt one to make it less manageable at only two. 
1 week before: Start studying the main ideas. Look through to see if there is any information you need additional help with.
2 days before: Read through everything thoroughly twice.
1 day before: Read through everything once and a second time on anything that you find difficult.
2. Work out during exams + drink water- Working out is a great way to relieve stress and take your mind off of everything you need to do. It will also make you feel much better and keep you awake while you’re studying. Make sure you always have a water bottle with you during studying so it keeps you hydrated and helps you not get so tired.
3. Take breaks- Whenever I study, I am dosing off within 40 minutes. So, because I know this, I set study limits for myself where if I continually study for 40 minutes. If I do this, then I allow myself 20 minutes on my phone.
4. Turn your phone off- This is a huge one for me. Phones can be such a distraction and I know for me, that if my phone is even within a short distance and on there is no way I will be able to study as well as I could.
Exam week can be horrible, but with a little preparation it doesn’t have to be that bad. What tips do you have for preparing and staying unstressed for exams?


As usual, I was thinking about what I could add in my room to make it a little something more. I have mostly covered all walls except one. I was also trying to come up with ideas of something that I would be able to hang pictures on and eventually use as an inspiration board. Well… this is what I came up with and I couldn’t be happier about it.


After doing a little digging, I found this MDF board in the basement that was the perfect size for the wall I wanted to put it on. I then took two stools and set the wood on top of the towels to make it easier to paint on. I wiped off any dirt or dust with a towel and once dry, painted a white coat. I had to do about 4 coats (way more then I expected) but I am assuming if you use primer it would take less coats.

Once the paint dried completely, I taped off the pattern I wanted. It was actually much easier then I imagined and only took me about 40 minutes. To make the pattern a little easier, I started by putting a long piece of tape going from once corner to the opposite corner and then pulled it off once I had completed the rest of the painting.

I went over the tape with the white paint to make sure I would get as clean of lines as possible and once that was dry did 2 layers of gold spray paint.

I pulled off the tape and I loved it!

I layed pictures out before I put nails in to make sure I had enough room for them. I had photos going horizontal and vertical just to make sure I could get both ways of photos fitting. Once I had that done I nailed the nails in and make sure to have the nails going on a diagonal (kind of) so your pictures have a better chance of staying on.

So, this is the final product! What do you think?

Matchstick Art

Yesterday I was lucky enough to stumble upon Treasures and Travels blog. How am I just finding this?! These girls are so creative and everything that I saw put my in awe. So, obviously, I had to try one of their DIY’s for myself.

Mine looks nowhere near as cool as theirs does, but hey, it’s still cool enough to hang in my bedroom. The one thing I couldn’t figure out is how to not have as many white spaces.. that drove me nuts since I am a perfectionist but sometimes you just have to step away and enjoy the beautiful thing you just made. Thank you Treasures and Travels for this great DIY! Instructions here.

Bedroom Designs


We are officially back from vacation! With that being said, I am now full throttle into finishing my room before school starts. I’m crossing my fingers it will happen but honestly, its highly unlikely everything will come together by then. Anyways, here are the plans…


Gold lamp// Frames// Mirror// Coral Pillow// Ikea Shelf// Spotted Pillow
I have a fairly large room so it is split up in two different spaces. I have one space that is a sitting and desk area and one that is where my dresser and bed go. My walls are a gray color so for accent colors I am going to use white, black, and coral.

Alright, so this is the “seating area”. My plan for this is to do a design of some sort on the wall with the window and hang ceiling to floor curtains. On the wall by my desk I want to get the Ikea shelf’s (number 5 in picture) and spray paint them gold. Those would be on both sides of my desk and in the center of my desk I want to hang something that allows me to hang pictures that are not in picture frames. I am planning on reupholstering the chair in a black and white striped patterned instead of chevron. The color pop in here would be in the styling of the shelf’s.
Here is the other side of the sitting room. Please excuse the dirty floor on the ground (so embarrassing.) On the wall above the couch I want to do a huge gallery wall. I eventually want more pillows for the couch but it isn’t a necessity yet.

 This is the part where my bed is (duh.). Ideally, I would want new furniture all together but that is not in the budget and I leave for college in two years so I am dealing with what I have. Also, I’m not allowed to paint it which was another option I was thinking to brighten this side up a little more. So, with that said, I wanted something more dramatic back here that will take your focus off of the bed and more onto the wall. I decided a great plan would be to do board and batten because it not only makes a design statement but also brightens this area up. I also want to get white bedding and get a lot of decorative pillows (4 and 6 in above picture). The lamp is going to be a gold base with a white shade (1 in above picture). What I don’t have pictures of is the wall where my dresser is. On this wall I am planning on having a big floor mirror (3 on above picture) and hanging four white frames above my dresser (5 in above picture).

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