long time, no post. honestly I don’t even know what I have been doing recently that has kept me busy but I feel like I haven’t had much down time (which is ironic because I have never had more down time in my life). summer is almost here (one week!!) and I could not be more ready for it. I’ve finally hit the “i don’t care about anything I just want to be done” stage and with exams this week, its the wrong time for that. anyways, im actually procrastinating right now, and decided to make a list of summer goals.

1// Put 75% of what I make into the bank. this summer is all about saving for college. im nannying for a family I love so it should be a good time.

2// be better at socializing. for this whole school year I have decided more times then not to just stay home then go to a party with friends so my goal for the summer is to go out and meet more people.

3// be better at posting. the reason I started this blog was because of a medical problem I had earlier this year where the doctor thought it would help to write down different stuff. however, through the last year of doing this , ive learned that I really enjoy it and being creative with different things I can make. also, I want to start doing weekly updates on my life with pictures so I can go back and look at what ive done.

4// get to the beach. this is the first summer in years that we don’t have a beach vacation planned and im very upset about it (complain everyday, my parents are sick of me). hopefully I can work my convincing magic and ill get to the ocean at least once.

5// record a video of my whole summer. this summer is bittersweet because its my last summer before senior year aka last summer that im not going to college. im all about capturing memories that I can look back on so I thought attempting to record a lot of it would not only be fun for me but a great way of remembering what happened. I want to get a gopro but that kind of ties in with my first goal of needing to save money. im working on that one from my parents too haha.

6// Consistently workout. I bought the Kayla Itsine’s workout a few months ago and have not been able to keep up with it so my goal is to at least use it 5 days a week for a month.

im also considering doing 101 in 1001 days since it would give me something to do if im ever bored and make some memories during senior year. so happy its finally summer and I have time to do more things (and not having to think about a test or project for a few months..).


for a long time ive wanted to hang something above my bed and just couldn’t figure out what. I thought about three big pictures but figured that I have so many other pictures in my room that I need to change it up. after seeing almost makes perfect wood boards she created for her wedding I knew that I wanted to kinda go with that look. i was worried about mixing two different wood types in my room but i think it actually works out really well.

1// i got my plywood from home depot and they cut it free for me. it was super cheap and i got it all for $12.
2// i went into photoshop and sized my sayings so that one word was much longer and bigger then the others to add emphasis. i then printed it out and taped it above the transfer paper on my board in the center and traced every letter. towards the end i realized the easiest way to do this was with a pen.
3// after tracing i went in and painted every.single.letter. when i planned this in my head i did not think this would take very long but it did. like very long. but i love how it turned out so it was all worth it.


 i know the verses and quotes on her are super cheesy (i couldn’t think of a better word haha) but its a good reminder every morning. i love how these turned out and would definitely take the time to do it again.


I’ve been all about trying new healthy foods recently and attempting to expand my small food liking. I am going to be honest, it has not been that successful but im working on it. I thought I would try chocolate covered bananas. this was kind of dumb of me because I don’t like bananas but don’t they look good? my mom and sisters who do like bananas really enjoyed this- so for all you banana lovers out there, this ones for you;).
1// Cut banana(s) in half and put popsicle sticks through the flat part of the banana. put in freezer for 30 minutes (important- it will make it so much easier and the banana shouldn’t fall off stick).
2// melt chocolate and set ingredients out so its easy to dip the banana right away.
3// dip banana in chocolate making sure to cover all of it. quickly sprinkle or set banana in desired toppings.
4// freeze until chocolate is hardened.

these are so easy and I think look much harder to make then they actually are. aka go impress someone. hope you enjoy!


prom is in less than a week!! everything seems to be coming together and I am so excited to see how the night turns out. after prom our school hosts an “after prom” where you they have activities set up and food but heres the catch- you’re locked in there until 3 am. while my friends and I did consider that we all agreed that we would be in the corner sleeping by the end of the night so instead we are going to my friends house and having our first girl-boy sleepover (I know, big deal haha). because I imagine myself as a party planner in my head, I said that I would help decorate for the big night. I thought I would share the inspiration pictures I picked with you..
1// for the photo booth I thought the tassles (hoping that’s what they’re called) would look really good hanging in the back. also really like the silver and pale pink together.
2 & 2a// I have this vision in my head of balloons covering her basement floating on the ceiling with  the strings hanging down.
3// okay this one is the biggest stretch and probably wont happen but how cool would it be to have stringed lights going from wall to wall. so then the only lights on would be those which would set the mood haha (not inappropriate mood.. c’mon). another thing I like is the “cheers” in this picture and changing it to “prom.”
although I doubt all of these things will come together, its still fun to imagine and plan. hopefully I will have some cool pictures to share next week from the night!


1// love this as a quick summer treat.

2// have to be honest, didn’t know san Francisco had this much color (hopefully that isn’t a known fact haha). adding this to my bucket list of places to see.

3// if you knew me you would know im a huge worrier and think of every detail possible. good reminder that most of that stuff does in fact, never happen.

4// I don’t know what it is about this combination but it looks delicious. lately, ive also wanted to try waffles and chicken (attempt to become my true southern self I think I was born to be;)).

5// is this too short to be a senior quote?

6// feel like its really lame for someone my age to say this but im so excited to throw dinner parties when I am older. love this casual yet put together tablescape.

7// with Coachella in full swing ive been trying to imagine im there haha. some easy waves might help me feel a little more there 😉
whew had a lot this time. hope everyones week is going well (to be honest I don’t think anyone reads this haha) and started counting down the days to summer.


We (my mom and I) toured two big schools and two small schools. Going into this I thought for sure that I wanted a small school but through this process I learned that a bigger school is actually what I am more interested in. Basically this trip turned everything that I wanted to things that I didn’t wanted. The two major ones were how big they were and the distance from home. My favorite of the schools I toured was University of Kansas. It was in then perfect sized city, the school had a great feeling to it, and is huge with greek life which is a huge plus for me. BUT, it is ten hours from my house! That is so far and I don’t know if I would be able to be that far away. I am starting to wonder if I just get out of my comfort zone for college as its the only time I have this opportunity to do so. Let me tell you, this is some scary stuff. If I am this scared about this right now I cant imagine how its going to be when I actually have to leave.

Now for my memory sake (basically what this whole post is) I am writing a pro and con for my favorite two schools I toured.

University of Minnesota-

-Probably closest to home I will get
-A lot of cedarburg people go there which will make adjusting easier
-nice dorms
-great classes with a ton of internship opportunities
-mall of America is close by;)

-it is huge and in the city
-class size is very large

University of Kansas-

-Love Lawrence
-greek life
-really liked the journalism school
-NEW DORMS (huge on my list of essentials)
-I could easily double major

-realllyyy far from home

I guess it is very assuring that there are thousands of kids just like me making these decisions. when you went to college did you stay close to home or go far away and did you like it?


So, my long awaited (actually short, it was an unexpected trip but the long awaited is staying in there for effect) week of college tours is over. It was a crazy week where I learned a lot and realized that college will be here in no time. Touring four colleges in one week is definitely manageable but the last tour was definitely hard to get through (is that bad? haha). So much information was learned which made it really overwhelming but im glad I got it done earlier because I do much better when I have time for information to sit and adjust in my head. Here are some pictures that I took during my two days in Kansas.

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