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I love dressing up. I always like to be just a little dressier than everyone else but if you put a good pair of leggings in front of me I will not even think twice about it. I have bought more leggings than I want to even think about it and have really found the best of the best. I’m talking the ones that instantly make you lose ten pounds and still feel like pajamas. Plus, most of my favorites are cheaper than the way overpriced Lulu’s (but I’m the first to say that those will always be high-ranking for me.. I love my Lululemon’s!).
1// NORDSTROM-ZELLA: If you have followed my blog for the past several weeks than you will know I have mentioned these leggings. If you haven’t (what the heck!!) Zella is the Nordstrom line of leggings that are made in the same. exact. factory. as Lululemon leggings. Yes, you read that right they are Lulu leggings with a different label! They feel and look the exact same with half the price.
2// GAP: I feel like Gap’s workout clothes go unnoticed but they are some of my favorites! I find that these slim me up more than any legging I have ever tried! And they keep me super warm in the winter which is a plus if you live in cold weather (like wisconsin!).
3// DANSKIN: These are so inexpensive!! Like under 25 dollars! One of my favorite places to shop for workout clothes is Marshall’s. They have a little bit of everything and almost always have a few different styles of these leggings to chose from! You can also order these leggings from Amazon if its easier for you 🙂 My favorite are the ones that are high waisted!
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