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I always, always, always have nail polish on. I know this doesn’t sound very healthy, but I seriously don’t think I have gone longer than a day since sixth grade not wearing nail polish. Although I am painting my nails every week, I only go between five colors (obviously you have to add in a red during Christmas but that is the only time I do something different… I do think I might start getting into dark green though).  Let me tell you my favorites…

Both of these topcoats I could RAVE about…they are so good and by far the best I have found.

Seche Vite: I have used this topcoat since I was really young. My Godmother is basically a professional at nails (hers are always done to perfection) and has always recommended this. It is literally plastic. Well that doesn’t sound appealing, this top coat allows my nails to actually last without chipping for a week AND has the shine that makes them look like gel or shellac. This one does take a little longer to dry, but nothing obnoxious and honestly very worth it for the fact it keeps your nails from not chipping for so long.

Dr. Marvey: While I like how much shinier and thick (like gel) Seche Vite gets, this topcoat actually dries in two minutes. I was running late one time and ran into Walgreen’s hoping they had Seche Vite and when they didn’t, I picked up this. It is amazing how fast it dries. I can’t find a link to this so I hope it didn’t get discontinued!! I will go to Walgreens and update this post when I know if they still carry it.

NAIL COLORS (starting from left to right in picture above):

OPI INFINITE SHINE 2 IN BEYOND THE PALE PINK: I went into Ulta once and asked for “engagement picture” pink. The lady immediately brought me to this pink, and I can personally say it does just that. You know that white-pink that all brides wear? I LOVE wearing that color and this is my go-to in the summer.

OPI INFINITE SHINE 2 WE’RE IN THE BLACK: This is my almost every week color. seriously every. single. week. I just see people with black nails and I think it looks so good!! I always ask my sisters which color I should choose between two colors (black and another color) and they are always like “Oh my gosh for once choose something other than black.” And then I go with different and regret it. So all in all, black nails are the way to go.

TRUST FUND BEAUTY “NO FILTER”: I got this in my Ipsy bag months ago and really like the tanness of this color (this picture makes it look more pink, but it is definitely more tan). I have a hard time finding a tan nail polish color that doesn’t make me look extremely pale. This one is the perfect shade.

OPI MIMOSAS FOR MR. & MRS: I would have to say this is my second favorite pink (first is the Beyond the Pale Pink) but this has more of a sheerness to it which is nice. With one or two coats, you can still see your nail so while it does get a little thick, I do find you have to do three coats.



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