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(pic by my all time fav blogger and idol Rachel Parcell… seriously want to be her and have an obsession…. also she has the BEST hair and just did a post on her hair care secrets that you can find HERE)
I have finally found my perfect set of hair products that give me the exact texture and style I want for my hair. I love seeing how other people do their hair and what products they use so I thought you guys might be interested as well.  I am actually quite proud of myself because I have figured out how to do my hair so that when I curl it in will last up to four days… yes FOUR. I know gross, and believe me, by the fourth day I am majorly pushing it but it saves me so much time! And honestly, the longer I can go without showering the more I like how my hair looks. Lets get on to how I do it..
1. SHOWER: I always try to shower at night. I know this makes some peoples hair unmanageable, but for me it does the opposite. If I shower during the day it adds at least an hour into my routine, plus more heat to blow dry which I don’t have time for/want to do. In the shower I rotate between Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Head and Shoulders Oil Control shampoo. I do get dandruff sometimes (TMI) so the Head and Shoulders really helps. For conditioner, I use the Moroccan Oil Conditioner and once a week I use the Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask. The hair mask helps since I do put a lot of heat on my hair.  I know the Moroccan Oil products are expensive but I really do believe they work and I love the smell. If you want cheaper, I have also used Argan Oil of Morocco that I get at Target that I really like (especially the brown bottle).
2. AFTER SHOWER: Right after I get out of the shower I dry my hair off and then put 12-In-One Amazing Leave-In Treatment. I LOVE this stuff. I got it in my Ipsy Bag months ago and still use it every time I shower. I can completely tell a difference between when I use this and when I don’t. It helps smooth my hair out and make it much straighter (I have nasty wavy hair). I then brush my hair out and go to bed.
3. IF I NEED TO GET UP EARLY IN THE MORNING: On Mondays, since I have to get up at 5am to get to Chicago for Nate Berkus, I do my hair at night so I can just roll out of bed and go. I’ll do the same thing I said above but then go on to blow dry my hair. I use this CHI Blowdryer that works so well and fast. I had a previous dryer that would take me forever to blow dry my hair but now my hair will be dry in less than ten minutes. I then will go through and do a quick straightening with my Chi Straightner (which is on sale, btw!) that I have had for years.  My hair is really frizzy after I shower, so whether I blow-dry or air-dry I always give my hair a quick straightening. I then separate my hair in two sections and use my NUME curling wand. I find that this curls my hair too much if I don’t get to sleep on it, but if I do sleep on it I wake up with the perfect soft wave. This wave will stay for days for me with no touch ups needed. It’s amazing. I will finish my hair off with some of this Texture Spray.
4. IF I CURL IN THE MORNING: For a super loose wave I use my Hot Tools 1 1/4 curling iron. I really like how this curl works for the day, but I find if I sleep on it it completely falls out. I do like how this curl looks better than the wand though, so if I don’t need my curl to last I will use this one.
5. HOW TO GO WITHOUT SHOWERING: My absolute FAVORITE hair product I own and the one I can’t recommend enough is this Dry Shampoo by Living Proof. It is SOO good. It makes my hair look freshly showered every. single. day even if I have not showered for four days before!
If any of you try these products, let me know!! I would love to see how they work on another people!


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