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 My dad’s birthday was the other day and one of our family friends had some people over for dinner in celebration. They gave the dinner and my *sisters* (we all know it was just me…) and I were in charge of bringing the cake. My family and I always resort to the typical Dairy Queen cake, which don’t get me wrong is my favorite, but I wanted to do something a little different. So, here I am now, blogging about possibly the easiest cake you could make. I’ll admit though, the end product isn’t the prettiest but I’ll get to how you can fix that later on.

-Brownie mix (and all the ingredients that go with that)
-Chocolate ice-cream
-Cool Whip
-Caramel sauce
-Hot Fudge (if you don’t care about how it looks)

1. Make the brownie mix and cook accordingly. I would recommend cooking it in a pop-out pan because it makes it so much easier.  Once it is cooked, cool in the freezer for an hour.
 2. Once the brownie mix has chilled, spread the tub of chocolate icecream on top of the brownie. Put in freezer again for an hour.

3. Spread cool whip on top of ice cream. Freeze over night for best results but if you don’t have the time freeze for a couple of hours! Drizzle some caramel sauce and hot fudge and you’re done! Be careful with the hot fudge though. I am not sure if I just didn’t melt it all the way or what but my hot fudge was a disaster!! so that is why I added in if you don’t care about how it looks than you can use it:)

SO where did I go wrong??  I didn’t really budget my timing right and didn’t have time for all the differen’t layers to freeze and it was a melted mess by the time it was ready to eat!! Nonetheless, it was still a huge hit and SO good.


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