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When I lived at home, I definitely snacked. However, now that I am in college, I feel like I basically survive off of my snacks. Obviously, I am being extremely dramatic but sometimes its simply a pain in the butt to go to the dining hall. When I eat unhealthy snacks I feel disgusting for the rest of the day. I have discovered a few of my favorite “healthy” snacks and thought I would share them with you!! BTW, I know everyone has their own definitions of healthy (which is why I put healthy in quotes haha) so well these might not be the best things for you, they are definitely healthier than other options you could have.

Barbeque Quinoa Chips: These have been my absolute favorite. They are SO good!! Like addicting good. The problem with these is that you can eat a whole bag in one sitting (which I have been very guilty of doing) so be careful! 
Sage Valley White Cheddar Puffs: Do you guys know what Pirate Booty is? Well, this is basically the slightly healthier version and I honestly like them so much more. To top it off, they are way cheaper than Pirate Booty!! Win win if you ask me. These Simply Balanced ones are also my favorite. 
Gluten Free Pretzels: These have been a long time favorite and are so good. They are so much better than regular pretzels and if you have never tried them you have too. BTW, I like the sticks so much better than the regular pretzel shape!
-Frozen Grapes- You know when one of your parents thinks they have a genius idea and make everyone around them try it? Well, this exact thing happened with my dad and frozen grapes (hahah so lame). He is 100% not the first person to try this but after reluctantly eating one I was hooked. They are so good and taste almost like candy!
Alright guys, so I have just been feeling gross lately. Yes I eat pretty healthy, until that stupid frozen yogurt machine gets me everytime. haha. Ever since being at college I have used my Workout Routine but I want to go back to do Kayla which is what I mostly did at home. The first few weeks of college I was really on a roll with working out (with my Workout Routine!) and felt better about my weight and fitness more than ever but lately I just do not feel like going to the gym. So, I have been majorly stalking all of Kayla Itsine’s before and after pictures on Instagram. You have to look, it will inspire you to workout. Anyways, I am starting it today (!) and am going to update you every week to make sure I actually stick to it. 

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