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Okay get ready for one of the lamest things I have ever said on this blog, but organizing literally makes me giddy. like I could organize all day, everyday. I recently found the website and Instagram of The Home Edit and seriously if you like anything, organizing you will be obsessed.

Some of the main tips I have picked up from The Home Edit:

-Label, label, label! They seem to label everything. It’s also always done in the most beautiful cursive!
-Use baskets anywhere you can. This is a great way to hide all your things. I use so many baskets in my dorm!
-Use the height of your cabinets to your advantage. She is always getting things that can be stacked on top of each eachother and it really uses the space to its maximum potential. 

Here are just some of the things they do:

Don’t you just want to organize now?!

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