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I know, I know…we’ve got some major stranger danger over here (don’t worry i hate myself too for saying that hahah). Last week has been a big week in the life of Sophie. I began my freshman year at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and I thought it would be a great thing to document.

        Now, let me start off by saying that I knew going into college that I would have a hard time adapting. I hate change and this last week has been one change after another. So, well this post might seem a little negative towards college I want to be real about what I have thought of this week but also know that its my first week, which will probably be the roughest week of the year. I am sure other people are feeling what I am feeling so I want them to know they’re not alone;)

My dad and I drove up a day before I moved in (which btw, I am so glad we did) and we went out to dinner and just got me more accustomed with La Crosse. I have only been to La Crosse twice, both extremely brief visits so I knew where I was going but also had no idea where I was going at the same time haha I hope that made sense. Moving in went really well but it took me so much longer to unpack than other people! Also, for all you high school seniors freaking out about not being able to bring your clothes (that was totally me)  you’ll be happy to know that I brought a lot of stuff from home and I have enough room in my dorm where I could have brought MORE. I know, a true miracle. My dad stayed one more night and then headed back home the next morning. It was rough saying goodbye. I am not good at goodbyes at all but when he left I knew I was really on my own. I feel like I am so different than other people my age because it seems that everyone was so excited for their parents to leave and I wanted my dad to stay as long as possible! Once he left I got my room all cleaned up and then had some hall activities.

Now, onto the party scene. Im in college so I am sure its not a shock to anyone that partying is a big thing that happens here. I have never really been a big partier- sure I’ll go but it’s honestly not my favorite thing to do. Since my boyfriend, Ben, goes to a different college it makes it even harder because a lot of time parties mixed with drunk people end in a hook up. So, well I am definitely not trying to hook up with anyone a lot of my friends are. At home, whenever it got to that phase or I was tired and wanted to go back (I know, I’m a mom ugh) Ben  and I would just leave. Since he’s not here I don’t have anyone to leave with. Thank goodness I have my roommate though, I’ll get to that in a second. Another thing I am having trouble with is how people party Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Like, ugh can you please pass some of that energy over here?! haha After one night of going out, I am so ready for a night in! I feel so lame though if I don’t go out… This is just where I have to remind myself that its only the first week and I’ll get used to everything.

Moving onto the roommates and friends situation. I have one roommate and she’s seriously the best. I don’t think I would last here if she wasn’t here. I also have a really good group of friends (including one of my best friends who I am also supper thankful she’s here) from my high school that go here that I love to be with. I am having a hard time making friends with other people though hahah I thought going into college that I would automatically have this great group of friends but let me tell you I have had a hard time with that!! I honestly feel like I have made no friends haha. It does make me feel better though that I have heard from a few other people that there high school is just hanging out together right now too so I am sure in no time I will have a solid group of friends.

Now, onto if I have missed home. Honestly, yes so much. Like I said before, I knew the transition would be super hard for me but now that I am in it I am actually experiencing what I thought I would feel. I miss my family but I reallllyyy miss Ben. Ben and I have never been apart like this and before we would see each other everyday so its just different. I wish he could go here so much haha I actually went home for a night last weekend and I was so glad to be back.

I almost forgot to talk about the actual school work!! So, let me start by saying that I am currently planning on transferring to Madison next year for interior design..I’ll get into that more in another post. This year I am trying to get all my pre reqs done so they easily transfer. I am really enjoying my classes though. I am in classes that I actually enjoy and I feel like I need to be very attentive since it’s my money that is paying for the classes whereas high school I didn’t really care. The homework load has been a lot- but it hasn’t been unmanageable.

Okay, so I know that sounds like I am complaining and that I HATE it here but I really don’t!! Theres so many good things too. Even though I hate being away, I LOVE the freedom and being able to do what I went, when I want. I also like how I am surrounded by my friends all the time and its just a quick walk to their dorm. Although the food sucks, I am sure thats how it is at all campuses, I have a lot more options to pick from at home. And lastly, I have been able to work out so much more because it’s so close and I don’t have to drive anywhere!! This post is getting really long so I am going to wrap it up but I want anyone that is also feeling the way I am feeling to know that you’re not alone and I have heard from SO many people it gets better!!

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