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Hey guys!! So exciting news… I decided to start vlogging again! I can’t remember if I put this in my last post or not but I was recently looking back at some older vlogs I did and am sooo happy I have those. I am also going through some changes (like college!) that I thought some people might be interested in seeing. Today’s vlog covers all sorts of things from what I have been eating (lol kinda), cutting bens hair, and working out. Enjoy!! lol and for all you youtubers out there subscribe because I only have thirty subscribers and that looks super lame:/. also, guys hahaha this is actually kinda funny but I think I am going to start recording actual youtube videos. I watch them all the time so why not but I just have to get over getting embarrassed. Who knows, you might be watching a sit down youtube video with me by the end of the week!!

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