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So this post is kinda a mess but…. I really wanted to show you guys my grad party! Originally, I was planning on doing separate posts for all the little (actually over my head and I had no idea what I was doing) projects I did for this but I started stressing out majorly how I wasn’t going to finish everything and forgot to take pictures along the way:’). AND I am posting this before my actual graduation post (which is coming within this week!!) so were all out of whack over her at BSL. Like how I just gave this a nickname hahaha. Anyways, the day could not have gone better and I had the best time surrounded around everyone I love (it also helped that I got a whole lot of money donated to the Sophie College Fund:). I also got to have it with my best friend and we managed to not rip each other heads off!! You can’t ask for much more. I’ll go through all the projects I did and will try not to forget any!!

Picture Board: This was the main thing that I wanted for my party and it came out e-x-a-c-t-l-y as I had planned in my head which like never happens. Ben actually put together the pallets for me (bf goals) that he had at his Dad’s company and I stained them to get them the dark color. Cheap and cute=check! I made the Sophie Zang on top from a thinner piece of wood I found at Home Depot and painted on my name and school. I had two of these made (so four 8ft tall pallets in total) so Sarah and I would have matching boards. Clearly, she’s a little more spirited about her school than I am;).

Photo Booth Board: This was all Sarah. She did the whole thing and it looked amazing so maj props there. Were actually saving it for our sisters who graduate next year because its so good.

Welcome sign: I put these at the two entrances to our neighborhood. All the lettering from our party fit in with our card invitation (no-one probably noticed this but I did so thats all that mattered haha). I just got two thicker wood boards from Home Depot and gorilla glued a hinge to both of them so the would stand up straight. I just painted on everything else with normal house paint. I did this same thing with the smaller board too for cards.

Square picture holder: This was super easy. They sold a pack of like 14 of these plain wood square blocks from Michaels so I picked those up with some spray paint (I used black, white, and gold to fit the graduation look) and then had my dad cut a slit down the middle for pictures to fit into. I did have a few issues with these and would recommend spray painting after you cut the slit. Also, these fell down so much from the wind so I would also probably get slightly bigger blocks so the don’t tip over.

Snapchat filter: Sarah and I thought we were genius by coming up with this idea until we found out the rest of our little town had the same idea so it wasn’t anything special anymore. buttt, it was still super cute and a great way to add a little personal touch. I made these on Photoshop but I think I only saved one of my designs!! So mad I can’t find the other one. These were only $7 each so if you’re throwing a little party I would definitely recommend.

I think thats all!! Hope you guys like my little round up from my grad party!


  A little behind the scene action:

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