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Shelby’s room has a wall that I put little to no thought too (which considering it was the first wall you see, I definitely should have!). One day when I was scrolling Pinterest I found a wire hanging photo rack that I LOVED from Urban Outfitters…but at 59 dollars each that just wasn’t in my budget (college tuition to pay here people).

I originally planned to get wire fencing from Home Depot but the only one I could find was super small squares and didn’t really have the look I was going for. For the first time in months I went into my basement and found a wire rack that wasn’t assembled that was absolutely perfect for this! Definitely luck. I absolutely love the way these turned out and will be definitely stealing a few for my dorm room…

Wire Wall Grid - Possibly my new favorite home decor item. Ever. #OUonCampus #UOContest:
(urban version)
-Wire rack of some sort (my friend actually posted a snotty remark about how I had baking racks on my walls and I actually thought that was genius. You might even be able to find some at Goodwill to get this look)
-Optional: Spray paint 
This is literally so easy it almost doesn’t need instructions. I began by spray painting my clips all copper to match the color scheme of the rest of the room. I used Rust-oleum metallic paint which honestly I wouldnt recommend. I don’t know if I just recieved a faulty one but mine sprayed horribly. I then layed out my racks the way I wanted them to look and began hanging them with a simple small nail. I hung the rest of them up and I was done!


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