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 Shirt: She Inside (Similar) / Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar) / Pants: American Eagle / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (Similar)  / Shoes: Charlotte Russe / Necklace: Nordstrom

This past weekend I celebrated Ben’s birthday dinner with his family. The food was delicious and I ate way too much… the cheesecake at Cheesecake really gets ya. Since I am trying to blog more outfits I thought I would put this one up here. BTW, I am telling you.. if you want cheap, cute shoe options check out Charlotte Russe. I haven’t been in there in years and quickly went in there one day and was shocked at how much I liked the shoes. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

BTW, click the darkened text next to the type of clothes for it to directly take you to that website!


I am so excited over here because Shelby’s room is finally done!! This is one of my first “full-room” projects that I got to start with a completely blank canvas. She didn’t give me any direction so I tried to make it as much like her as I possibly could. If you know Shelby, you know shes loud, huge personality, and an amazing singer. Because music is such a huge part of her life, I wanted to incorporate it in a cool, teenage way. I love the way her lyric wall turned out and think it really gives the room a “wow” aspect (whether that’s a good wow or not;). Make sure to check out all the DIY’s I completed with this room! Lyric Wall, Engineered Prints, Wire Photo Wall, and Copper Curtain Rod. 



I am so excited about this DIY! Throughout the process of designing Shelby’s room I have constantly changed my minds about the certain things I want. However, this was one of the only things that I knew I wanted. In the beginning I didn’t think I was going to make these myself but after seeing the price tag of these bad boys in stores I knew that if I wanted it I needed to make it myself and luckily for they were so easy! AND cheap! Less than 10 dollars per rod.. pretty good if you ask me. 

-Copper pipe (mine was 3/4″ wide and 10 feet long)
-Pipe cutter
-3/4″ copper tube cap (2 of these)
-3/4″ copper-plated van hanger (2 of these)
-Ketchup (optional but recommended)
-Nail polish remover (optional but recommended)
Step 1: I began by cutting my pipe in half (because I was doing two windows). I then cleaned the pipe with the nail polish remover which gets the words off the pipe and ketchup which removes the red tint. 
Step 2: Place the tube cap on. 
Step 3: Measure out where you want the van-hanger to be put in relation to the window. Screw it in and hang your curtain up. It’s that easy!! 
TIP: Make sure to hang your curtain close to your ceiling. It will make your room look SO much taller!


Shelby’s room has a wall that I put little to no thought too (which considering it was the first wall you see, I definitely should have!). One day when I was scrolling Pinterest I found a wire hanging photo rack that I LOVED from Urban Outfitters…but at 59 dollars each that just wasn’t in my budget (college tuition to pay here people).

I originally planned to get wire fencing from Home Depot but the only one I could find was super small squares and didn’t really have the look I was going for. For the first time in months I went into my basement and found a wire rack that wasn’t assembled that was absolutely perfect for this! Definitely luck. I absolutely love the way these turned out and will be definitely stealing a few for my dorm room…

Wire Wall Grid - Possibly my new favorite home decor item. Ever. #OUonCampus #UOContest:
(urban version)
-Wire rack of some sort (my friend actually posted a snotty remark about how I had baking racks on my walls and I actually thought that was genius. You might even be able to find some at Goodwill to get this look)
-Optional: Spray paint 
This is literally so easy it almost doesn’t need instructions. I began by spray painting my clips all copper to match the color scheme of the rest of the room. I used Rust-oleum metallic paint which honestly I wouldnt recommend. I don’t know if I just recieved a faulty one but mine sprayed horribly. I then layed out my racks the way I wanted them to look and began hanging them with a simple small nail. I hung the rest of them up and I was done!



wood table numbers | a fabulous fete:
I am constantly going through phases where I use Pinterest a lot and other times where I don’t go on for a few weeks. I really do love Pinterest though. I think its a genius database for creators and people that want inspiration. I always enjoying sharing with you different things that have caught my eye so here we go!
We’ll start with the picture above. First off, I am obsessed with A Fabulous Fete’s work. From styling to calligraphy this girl nails it all the time. I am thinking about using these as inspiration for the center pieces at my grad party?? Let me tell you, planning a grad party is serious stuff.  PS! Click on the picture and it will take you to the original website!
Bright Boho 30th Birthday Party - Inspired by This
Is this not the cutest birthday party idea?! It doesn’t look too completed to put together (minus finding a big rug to set it on) and looks beautiful! I also think this would be a really cute idea for a bridal shower brunch or something along those lines. 
I’ve always been obsessed with different fonts and this picture really caught my eye. The post on this is how to improve your writing and I really recommend it! I also am itching to change my header so I might go towards a handwritten route like this. 
Feminine workspace with floral wallpaper, a gold chandelier and gold chairs:
Is this not the most beautiful office space you’ve ever seen?! Taking inspiration for when I open up my interior design firm in a few years! 😉
Sleeping baby love:
Cutest. Baby. Ever. Enough said. 
©MandyOliver2015 for Nicole Davis:
Setting my standards pretty high here but dream first kitchen… I think its absolutely beautiful! Maybe with a cheaper counter alternative (that still has a marble look to it) I might be able to achieve this!
Umm can I please just take that bouquet out of the picture for my wedding? Love how over sized it is!
such a pretty wedding dress:
My future wedding dress. If I get a boob job or god blesses me with more than I have now ahhaa. For real though, I think this is so pretty! A little scandy, while still looking classic. 


When I first started envisioning Shelby’s room I wanted to put lights into the wall (like the ones pictured below). Unfortunately, because we are planning on putting our selling our house within the year, that was unrealistic. So, while at Ikea I found very similar lights that I would have wanted to put on the wall. We actually purchased two so they could go on either side of her bed and when I go to college I will be taking one (lucked out on that one;).

Everything on the nightstands (minus the light and frame obvi) were rounded up from my house so it’s not what I want to look like in the end but for now I thought I would share a little update on how that is looking.

Brass Nook Pivoting Wall Sconce | World Market:

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