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Long time no see!:) I took a little week off because I 1) have no inspiration and 2) start questioning myself on whether or not I should be doing this whole blogging thing. I sometimes tend to care about what people think of me (way too much, I am working on it!) and keeping this blog up is very different compared to other people so I sometimes start to get worried about what people think about me.  After my little stint with those thoughts I always come back to that I should be blogging (I really do love to do it!) and it is really in line with my future goals. AND majorly, why the heck do I care what other people think?! Anyways, thanks for listening to my little tangent ;). So, now onto the actual post! I was blessed enough to take a little weekend adventure with Shelby (my sister) and my dad to Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, I am currently stuck at the Chicago airport..ugh!! The worst part is that its for a snowstorm, so I am really getting quickly kicked back into reality. I took a ton of pictures and got even made fun of a little if we went to Florida for vacation or to take instagram pictures…Guilty:/. How can you blame me though when it’s so beautiful and I am usually surrounded by dead things and dirty snow all the time?! There’s a ton of photos from this weekend (and I am hoping to put a little video together) so I am going to split these pictures into two posts. One post will be pictures from our good camera and one will be iphone pictures. If you haven’t read the title, these will be the pro pics as I like to call them (as in professional, even though we are far from professional haha). Hoping this post will bring some sunshine to our very gloomy Wisconsin weather! 
*cueing (sorry people, I know my spelling is so off with that one) my inner rich mom persona*

*shelby thinking she is a legit model*

thinking about getting a large print of this!! gives off a super summery feel.

*booottttyyyy* too much for blog?? maybs

annnddd to top the trip we saw ZAC EFRON. yes, THE Zac Efron. like within 30 feet of me. so cool.

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