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As you can see from the title, I really want these clothes. But, I am trying to control myself and keeping on a budget (that’s failing, I can convince myself to buy anything) so right now I am just admiring all these clothes. I don’t know if its these models that are legit goals or if these clothes are actually really cute… I am going to go with a mix of both. Revolve Clothing is quickly becoming one of my favorites because it mixes a lot of brands in one place. 


I have been the ultimate WOAT (all my friends are currently rolling their eyes at me using that term aka worst of all time). I feel like I start out every post like that but my blogging skills have been majorly slacking. Although I am not posting a lot I am constantly working on it! Shelby’s room is taking me way longer than expected but here is a little preview of the wall in the process of it being painted. I haven’t done anything really outfit related but I am working on a post with that right after I finish this one! So I know this is kinda everywhere but I thought I would give you a little update on my life. 
I have been pretty spoiled this year with the Buck’s game. Earlier this year I was a Bucks virgin and I am proud to say I am currently a professional;). jk, have only been to two but they have been so fun and both times I have got amazing seats!
lol ways to piss off your boyfriend!!! I admit, I have a little too much fun getting on Ben’s nerves but he makes it way too easy for me. I decided to wear my Moms engagement ring to a Target run one time with him and he literally was crying in Target basically. ahahaha I entertain myself. 
My friends and I have done a soccer league every year of high school and even though I refused to play most of the time because I am stubborn af it was still a great memory. We ended up getting kicked out but technically we won;). 
We celebrated my friends birthday by surprising him. Great memories with great people<3. 


You guys have no idea how excited I am to start this series!! Shelby has been asking me to redo her room for a really long time now and as her 17th birthday present, it’s finally happening! I haven’t really been able to do a whole space like this besides my bedroom (which still has so far to go) so I am really excited to show you everything I have planned. I have a ton of DIY’s for this room which mostly stay on a pretty good budget.  Above is a little mood board I put together to show all of you the general idea of what I plan on happening. You can tell from the pictures below that her room is really plain and looks very boring. If you know Shelby, you know her personality is anything but boring and that she is very bold so I plan on incorporating that into the design. I haven’t quite figured out exactly how I am going to lay this series out but what I am thinking right now is that I will do the DIY’s after the final reveal. However, every week I’ll do a little update (except I am hoping to have this done before March is over!). 


Annddd the post everyone has been waiting for….. Fort Lauderdale phone pictures!! Just kidding;). I mostly said everything that was needed to be said about my trip in my last post (which can be found HERE!) so I’ll just keep this short. I will be adding little comments under the pictures for my own memory:). Stay tuned for next week- I am starting a really fun series!

Fun dinner at the Ritz Carlton (aka food and decor heaven!). 

This was the boardwalk directly below our condo with palm trees lining it-ahh!

View from condo.

lol selfie hahaha

Amazing chandelier in Margaritaville which is the hotel owned by Jimmy Buffet! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to indulge in what this hotel is famous for (obvi margaritas if you didn’t get it from the name of the hotel) but maybe next time;)

The Ritz was covered in marble and if you know me you would probably know that that is what my heaven looks like.

Shelby and I each got to pick one thing we wanted to do and she picked jet-skiing. At first we couldn’t find a place that was open and Shelby was a huge brat about it. They figured it out though and took the long trek to a beach an hour away (talk about an amazing dad!). 

Can I just say how impressed I am with how well the quality of the iphone pics turned out?? I’ve never seen them this clear! Anyways, this weekend could not have gone more perfectly (minus the stuck in Chicago part) and I am feeling very grateful:). 


Long time no see!:) I took a little week off because I 1) have no inspiration and 2) start questioning myself on whether or not I should be doing this whole blogging thing. I sometimes tend to care about what people think of me (way too much, I am working on it!) and keeping this blog up is very different compared to other people so I sometimes start to get worried about what people think about me.  After my little stint with those thoughts I always come back to that I should be blogging (I really do love to do it!) and it is really in line with my future goals. AND majorly, why the heck do I care what other people think?! Anyways, thanks for listening to my little tangent ;). So, now onto the actual post! I was blessed enough to take a little weekend adventure with Shelby (my sister) and my dad to Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, I am currently stuck at the Chicago airport..ugh!! The worst part is that its for a snowstorm, so I am really getting quickly kicked back into reality. I took a ton of pictures and got even made fun of a little if we went to Florida for vacation or to take instagram pictures…Guilty:/. How can you blame me though when it’s so beautiful and I am usually surrounded by dead things and dirty snow all the time?! There’s a ton of photos from this weekend (and I am hoping to put a little video together) so I am going to split these pictures into two posts. One post will be pictures from our good camera and one will be iphone pictures. If you haven’t read the title, these will be the pro pics as I like to call them (as in professional, even though we are far from professional haha). Hoping this post will bring some sunshine to our very gloomy Wisconsin weather! 
*cueing (sorry people, I know my spelling is so off with that one) my inner rich mom persona*

*shelby thinking she is a legit model*

thinking about getting a large print of this!! gives off a super summery feel.

*booottttyyyy* too much for blog?? maybs

annnddd to top the trip we saw ZAC EFRON. yes, THE Zac Efron. like within 30 feet of me. so cool.

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