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It’s the start of marble mashup posts!! So lame, I know.. buttt these turned out so good! They are so easy and fast.


-Clay (I used just normal clay from Michaels but oven-baked would have worked better)
-Rolling pin
Gold sharpie


Alright, before I even start this post can we just take a moment of silence for me since I got through my last high school exams ever… Last week was exam week (which is why there were no posts!) and I took on a majorly “I am just going to wing everything” approach. Definitely not the smartest way to do it but hey, it worked out for me (minus the d-..yikes). Okay now onto the post:) This whole college thing is not working out for me. I have become the most indecisive person ever. For majors I am debating between public relations and interior design (both fitting, right?) but I change my mind I seriously think I am driving everyone I know crazy. Depending on what I want to major in changes where I want to go to college so I am freaking out. I am fully convinced that I should not be 18 and should be in my 20’s. Skipping college would make everything much easier:/. For real though, I have been planning my future house so much lately so I am going to do a little round up on here. I think I am going to feature different designers every week (I have so many I love!) and this week is all designs by Jacquelyn Clark at Lark and Linen. I’ve been following her work for awhile now and shes amazing.

Elegant wallpaper in the powder room
White kitchen with vintage rug
(those lights..omg)
Bright living room
Modern office
Just a little design inspiration.. have a great week!!


loling at myself for the title but SERIOUSLY, that shirt needs to be ironed so bad! My Godmother would nearly die if she saw that. Anyways, this is my sister Shelby and she loves being the center of attention:) We actually just got into fight (she took the car early to school leaving me stranded at home and then got mad when I made her come pick me up..ugh sisters) so this post may be a little bitter towards her. If I had to give this outfit a name it would be “Tried really hard this morning but don’t want to look like I tried at all.” So. there’s that. Enjoy:)


First of all, if you ever see pictures of Ben and I start looking at how he always points at me… but usually completely misses because I am too short haha. Here’s just a quickey (not a word I am pretty sure) post just so I have these pictures saved (ya feel).


To all my doubters out there that think that fur vest was a waste of money cause I would never wear it (mother) was way wrong. I have worn that thing more times than I can count. I do figure that in the next few years I will probably look back at this and wonder what I was thinking about wearing something like that but hey, you have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes! I wore this on the 23rd of December in New York where it was 60 degrees.. how?! Now that Christmas is over and there is snow everywhere in Wisconsin, I am wishing that I could get that 60 degrees back. Hope everyone is having a great start to the first week of the year… And not already failing on some of your resolutions! #guilty


1. ACCEPT CHANGE (aka referring to how I can’t decide where I want to go to college and have changed my mind about 20 times so far because I don’t want to leave). Seriously though, I suck at change. like really, really, really suck with change. From little things to just changing when were leaving for something by ten minutes or moving to a completely different place, I freak out. Ask my fam, I legit have a problem. With it being the year I am graduating from High School, I don’t really have a choice but to change haha. C’mon change, lets see what you’ve you got (i know, that was lame).

2. CLEAN CLEAN YOUR ROOM MORE. No, that extra clean is not a typo:). My room is generally clean for the most part but I never really clean it. My goal is that every Sunday I vacuum and dust because it actually really does improve my mood when everything is more put together.

3. DO NOT SKIP SCHOOL FOR ALL OF JANUARY. If you go to my school and are in some of classes you know I have really been taking this senior slide thing seriously.  At my school when you turn 18 you can sign yourself out and that has been the best/worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Whenever I don’t feel like being at school (which is the majority of the time) I will just leave. Sooo, I’ve racked up quite the high number of absences. Not to mention, I just put myself farther behind so for this month I am not going to miss any class periods. Hopefully than after this month it will just continue on.

4. GET ON A BLOGGING SCHEDULE AND STICK WITH IT. I seriously don’t know how the girls that either go to school full time or work full time and have at least 4-5 posts a week do it… serious props to them. I am going to keep it pretty doable for myself with two posts per week but I have told myself that before and haven’t stuck with it so now I am really aiming for it.

5. HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS AND MAKE MORE. I’d say for the last year or so I have really started enjoying spending more time at home or Ben’s house and I have kind of put my friends and hanging out with them on the back burner. I have such a good group of friends and every time I am with them I always wonder why I don’t spend more time together so I am going to start forcing myself to go out even if it means I can’t sit on the couch for a night:).


 One of my friends, Brooke, celebrated her birthday with a little trip to Milwaukee. Minus our parking ticket (ugh) the night was so fun and reminded me how lucky I am to have such great friends. I know the quality sucks on these pictures but these are really the experiences I want to always remember so they’re going up anyways;). Love you brooke!!

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