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So I’ve decided that I am going to start being a little more real on this blog and start sharing some of the experiences that have been going on. I’m not saying that I haven’t been real on here but I never really go in depth about whats happening with my life or any of the bad stuff. A few weeks ago my parents announced to us that they are getting divorced. It was extremely shocking to my sisters and I and something that I never thought we would have to go through as a family. After many tears and days for it to all sink in, life is back to normal and nothing really seems like it has changed. With the holiday season in full swing everything is going to be a little different but my parents are making it a big priority to keep everything to as close as possible to what it was, which is something I really appreciate it. I have been planning these family pictures for a really long time so having everyone together and it being “normal” was a huge deal to my sisters and I. I am very grateful for this little family of mine and all my bratty comments aside, I am glad that this family is forever.

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