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 Ahh, I can not believe Christmas is less than a week away!! It is seriously crazy and the weather really isn’t helping me get into the spirit (it’s suppose to be 60 degrees on Thursday in New York!). I spent all day on Sunday wrapping gifts and I am 100% done with Christmas shopping, which is pretty good if you ask me. I am sooo excited for New York and can’t wait to see everyone and do all our little traditions. Now onto the outfit, you guys probably legit think that I only own a pair of Hunter’s. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too opposed to that minus how they don’t keep my feet very warm. Anyways, the real reason is because I am a Grandma (aka I have bunions)(aka hate myself and gymnastics)(it’s okay you can laugh). My feet swell up so bad and I can’t even fit them into my other shoes (quite tragic and weird, I know). I don’t even know why I am posting this outfit because it’s not even that cute but I really like the scarf. There’s not much more to say so I hope that everyone enjoys their christmas week!

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