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Christmas card 2015 is complete! I decided to go for an all black kinda look which completely tones down the fur vest which will most likely be very out of style in the next few years. At only 20 dollars from Target, you can’t really go wrong;) I originally wanted a brown fur one but considering I will probably chicken out of ever wearing this again I figured I should take what I can find at a good price.

Side note: No animals were hurt in the making of this outfit.

Side note 2: That was so lame but I loled.


Can not believe it’s christmas time already!! Still feel like it should be summer and 80 degress out.. Anyways, it is one of my favorite times of the year! I loovvee christmas and all the decorating that comes along with it (as long as it’s not tacky;). This year I decided to make the long trek of bringing our christmas tree (obvi fake) from the basement allll the way up to my bedroom. Okay, let me say that I had no idea how heavy those fake trees can be! I legit broke a sweat haha. I got almost all my decorations and love how it turned out. Already planning my tree for next year;)


It’s been so long since I last blogged and I am basically going crazy without doing it. I feel like people think its weird that I do this but honestly its one of my favorite things I do in this little life of mine. Since I last blogged my whole life flipped on me and I needed a little time to just focus on my sisters and getting my life together. Luckily to take my mind off of some of the unfortunate things I had Friendsgiving to plan! It went perfectly and loved how it turned out. Throughout this week I’ll have some DIY’s and friend pictures but wanted to give you a little overview. Hope you like it as much as I do;)


Do you guys get the title? Like FRIENDly because she’s my friend? Pretty clever if you ask me. I’ve decided that I am going to start taking pictures of my friends outfits for many reasons. 1) I am trying to contain my shopping addiction and every time I post an outfit I wear I feel like I need to go shopping. 2) it is beyond awkward taking outfit pictures and sometimes my outfits aren’t even good. 3)my friends have the best style and almost always wear something I would never wear (in a good way, like it’s out of my comfort zone). Going with that less reason is Cam. Cam dresses so good and always wears clothes that I could never pull off aka those boots. love them and hope you guys enjoy this new little series I’ll be doing occasionally;)


we’ve got a lot of fake smiling and looking the other way pics in here but its been so long since I posted on of my outfits so it needed to happen haha. I got these shoes at Nordstroms a few weeks ago and love them except for the fact that I am having the hardest time finding pants that are skinny enough or looked cupped right to go with these pants. Does anyone else have that problem or is it just me because it is so annoying haha. Anyways I hope you guys like this outfit!


 Here is a quick blog post to let you see a little inside my room and what my desk area looks like :)). I got a new desk from Ikea a few weeks ago along with the shelves above my desk (ridicously cheap.. want to say like $15 per shelf). The string tassels pull everything together (you can find that diy here) and for right now I love how it turned out. I am in the process of redoing my desk chair (thinking about getting a little adventurous on this one, either velvet or maybe even leopard..) so keep your eye out for that! Hope you guys enjoy this little space!

Side note: Yes, that picture does say “Like a Boss” and yes, every single person that has come into my room has judged me for it… haters gonna hate.


White kitchen with dark floors and brass pendants by Studio McGee

Guys, I found my dream house. I have been obsessed with this for the last few weeks and so for my own memory I am documenting it on here. I have stalked Studio McGee countless amount of times and every time I do I decide that I want to go into interior design…which is a whole different conversation. Every person that I show this kitchen too comment on how dirty it would get because its so white but definitely worth it because that kitchen is legit perfection in my mind haha. Enjoy (and obsess with me) over the rest of the house;)
White kitchen with subway tile, marble counters and brass pendants || Studio McGee
Open concept kitchen and living || Studio McGee
Light gray butler's pantry || Studio McGee
Light Gray Inset Cabinetry and White Subway Tile || Studio McGee
Powder Bath Design with green grasscloth and brass mirror || Studio McGee
Slate Herringbone Floors, Shiplap and black barn pendants in the mudroom || Studio McGee
Master Bathroom with basketweave floors and BM "Moonshine" walls || Studio McGee
Master Bathroom by Studio McGee

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