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     After going through and realizing how much money I need to save for college, I knew my shopping addiction had to get under control. I am realllyyy in the mood to shop right now so to mask it I am fake shopping. I used to be really into H&M when I was in middle school then barely shopped there the last three years. I feel like this year they’ve really improved their clothes though and their home section is soo good (and at such good prices). If you haven’t seen the round up of H&M home stuff I want for my dorm check it out here. hope you enjoyed this little stopper of my shopping problem;).


A quick pumpkin DIY to do before Halloween comes (1 week)!!
1//Start by cleaning your pumpkin off of any dirt so the paint will stick better. 
2// Paint your pumpkin. I wish I would have gone with a more exciting color than black but I guess I’ll just have to save that one for next year;) I just used acrylic paint.
3// Let the paint completely dry.
4// Sketch the triangles onto your pumpkin with a sharpie paint pen. I did this free hand so you can defs too. I debated leaving my pumpkin just like this but I later decided to fill it in, not sure which one I like better.
5// You’re done!!


In celebration of Halloween quickly approaching, I thought I would do a round-up of my favorite DIY costumes. All of these are so cute and look pretty simple/cheap to make!

This candle costume is so cute!! Even though it was meant for little kids I would definitely wear it. 
I am seriously loving this colorful spotted dog costume.. ] This would probably be the one I would do out of all of them.

This one looks so simple minus the hunt for a cute yellow dress.
I could definitely see Sarah and I doing this costume together.


My new gallery wall is finally up and complete! I can’t wait to show you guys the whole thing but for now here is a little section of the room. I go over basically everything in the video if you are wondering where everything is from. All the prints can be found from My Favorite Free Gallery Art post. Also, I have been debating getting into YouTube a little more just because its a great way of networking and I am completely over the fact of being embarrassed about posting on there haha. So with that being said, enjoy this super uncomfortable youtube video:)


Oh yeah?: Lauren Conrad’s apartment… need I say more. 

It took a huge part of me not to buy these shoes, especially since they were on a killer sale!
New edition to my gallery wall (which will be up Monday!)? I’m thinking yeah;).
My closest is over-flowing with things that I haven’t worn in years so I will definitely be taking some of these tips to clean it out
haha I started “vlogging” because 1) I think I am hilarious in them (I am the only that thinks that unfortunately) and 2)I want to try to remember as much of my senior year as possible!
Speaking of youtube I have become recently obsessed with Alexandrea Garza’s channel. Love her simple but put together style. 
Love this playlist that Fran made! I have been really into Spotify lately. 

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