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Do you ever go to the store and see something you want and then realize you can make something almost identical for half the price? yeah, this is what happened to me on this concrete planter. tbh, I suck at DIY’s. I spend a fortune on all the supplies and they rarely turn out looking like I had planned in my head which is not only frustrating for me but also for the people that are paying for my little experiments (thanks mom and dad). wellll, I am pleased to announce that this project ended up being 50% successful!! Started with two and ended with one, but hey, the one ended up exactly as I planned.
Supplies: concrete (make sure you get the ones without rocks, huge mistake on my part), succelents, boxes of your liking (tissue box fell apart so don’t recommend). painters tape, spray paint, something to mix the concrete and scoop it, a cup or smaller object to make the hole at the top.
1// Due to my dumb mistake, I first had to sift through the concrete to get rid of the rocks. Follow your concretes instructions on how  much water to add to it and mix.
2// Place the concrete inside of the containers you have. Then, continue by placing a cup or another containor with the size you like inside of the concrete. 
3// Let concrete dry for at least 8 hours. I let mine dry overnight and it worked really well.
4//Tape off the section that you want to spray paint. As you can see, I did a triangle kind of shape.
5// Spray paint the section and let dry (I let this dry over night too but I am sure you could do it sooner)
6// Put the plant in and your done:)
I loovee the way this turned out and was exactly what I wanted (at the fraction of the price that you could find it anywhere else). Enjoy and definitely try it out;)

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