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In honor of senior year starting this week, I thought I would show my senior pictures!! Actually, just needed an excuse to post it haha. I decided that since I have a really nice camera I myswell save 1,000 dollars and put it to clothes instead of going to a professional photographer so Sarah took my pictures. They came out exactly as I hoped and I am so glad that it is done and over with. Enjoy:)


guys, first youtube video!! I felt super awk about it so I enlisted my two friends  to help- but it was still kinda awk haha. Anyways, do you guys like my little studio (aka basement) section I set up? It took way too much of my time and its actually kind of embarrasing that I set it up but its completely in Sophie fashion to do that. Alright, I will keep this short but hopefully you enjoy the video!



Yesterday I threw a mini dinner party for my birthday and it was a good time. I have to say though, I am a really bad host haha. I realllyy like setting up for the whole thing and planning it in my head but by the time everyone arrives I am ready for bed. These photos aren’t the best quality because of 1) it was dark out and 2) I screenshotted a lot of these from the video. I was planning on making a whole long video of this but then decided not too in the moment (but defs should have). So ready for what 18 has to bring on;)


Top// Bottom (sale!)// Shoes (from Target)// Purse
Quick trip to Milwaukee for a few errands. I have re-fallen in love with TJ Maxx and found this shirt there for a ridiculously cheap price (want to say like 9 dollars). Enjoy!


I seriously had the best birthday ever and am so thankful to everyone that made it the day it was. The day was filled with events that I will never forget and ended with this amazing video my friends made and Sarah put together. Cannot believe I am 18 and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me!

SUNDAY FUNDAY (lame title, I know)

I have currently been staring at that last picture of me for a good few minutes now wondering if I am starting to have a hunched back… Anyways, my camera is fixed which means I can get back on a more normal schedule of posting! Looking at this outfit in pictures, the shirt would have been way cuter if it was tucked in a little. I finally found white pants which I have seriously been looking for this whole summer. And to make it even better, it was on a killer sale at Gap. Hope everyone has a great Monday!


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      Okay, yes I agree, for a dorm room this looks a little excessive. Buttt, everything I found is relatively inexpensive and can easily be used in an apartment for years to come. I’ve been non-stop searching dorm stuff and everything I have found just does not go with my style and looks almost tacky (I know, I am high maintenance). So, I thought I would find some cute dorm decorations and necessities that you would have to get and mix it in with some things you do not have to get at all to create a really chic dorm. 
       Also, I am planning on living in a suite so it has its own bathroom which is why I have all the bathroom supplies. Obviously it wouldn’t apply if you were in a shared floor bathroom. My plan is too gradually collect everything I want this year so by the time I move in I am all set and happy with how my little space is. 
Also, BIG NEWS! I am partnering with Cate and Chloe! It’s a super cute jewelry company that creates a really similar idea as Ipsy or Birch Box and once a month sends a package with two pieces of jewelry. Lucky for us, they gave me a 25% off coupon code for all of you to use towards your first month: BYSOPHIELEE25

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