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Every year I either road trip or fly with my family for a vacation back in our “home area” aka the east coast. Depending on where we are going, the trip takes 10-12 hours, which is definitely a doable drive. However, that still gives me hours to get highly annoyed sitting in such a tight space with the rest of my (loud) family. Through the years, I’ve learned some road trip essentials that help me get through the drive.

Earphones: I’m sure you saw that one coming a mile away. I honestly don’t think I could get through a road trip without ear phones and these are such a cute pair.

Spotify: I actually just downloaded Spotify and have really liked it. Lately I have been really into there “Stress Free” stations that have Jack Johnson like artists so I am assuming thats what I’ll be listening too.

Phone Charger: This one goes with the earphones and Spotify. I don’t know about you, but my phone dies so quickly! I have a phone charger with me most of the time (classic teenager) and this portable one is perfect.

Book: I usually pick one book to read on my trip. Reading only lasts me about 30 minute increments so I end up using it for the beach or lake too. Right now I am reading Paper Towns and am so excited for the movie to come out!

-Snacks and Beverages: Every year before we leave, we head to Costco to stalk up on some of our recent food and drink favorites. I’ll definitely be getting some dark chocolate flat pretzels and snapples! Has anyone else tried the dark chocolate flat pretzels? They are amazing!

-Comfy outfit and slip on shoes: This is a major one. For shoes I will either be wearing this pair or this pair (on sale!) because they’re easy to take on and off. I always like looking decently good for road trips (I know, weird) because it makes me feel better when we arrive to our destination so I am opting for a romper. This one is perfect for a long ride (and less than $15!). There is nothing worse then being in an uncomfortable outfit for that long of a time.

-Camera: You might just use your phone for this but if you have a bigger camera, don’t forget to get it! You never know what you could pass on long drives.


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