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Fourth of July is quickly approaching and this modern take on the United States could not be more fitting for right now. Enjoy!

Outfit #2

romper// shoes//sunglasses (similar)
the moment you have all been waiting for…outfit #2! haha jk. anyways, this is one of my new favorite rompers that is so easy just to throw on and still look put together (remember,thats what I am going for). I threw this on with some target gladiators and head out the door. Okay, going to be honest, the only place I went is target, but I had all intentions to wear this somewhere a little more exciting;).


My go-to pants are black pants but every time I get a new pair they last about 4 washes before the color starts to fade. Does this just happen to me? Its super annoying but I think  may have found the way to keep those pants living a little longer.
-Black dye (I used Rit dye from Michael’s for like 2 dollars)
-Large Container (or something to soke your pants in. Don’t use your tub because it will stain)
-Salt if your using cotton
-Pants (obvi)
1// Fill bucket with really hot water and immediately add in salt and dye.

2// Submerge pants in water moving them around for thirty minutes (guilty: moved pants around for ten, got bored, came back thirty minute later and pants were fine)
3) Dump dyed water and put pants under water until the water streams white with no more dye in it.
4) Dry in dryer.



1) What do you even title outfit posts? Clearly I wasn’t too creative with mine, but please give me some advice here. I really need it haha.
2) This may have been this most awkward moment of my life. Okay yes, a little dramatic, but here I am having my little sister take pictures of me in my backyard, fake gazing to the side, just standing there. BUT, I am really glad I did go out of my comfort zone because we all need that sometimes, right?
Anyways, this summer I’ve decided that I want to change up my style a little bit. I want to go more put together while still being casual. I thought this outfit was the perfect fit for that. Also, guess where these shoes are from?! Forever 21. Who would’ve known. I ordered two pairs of shoes from Forever 21 and I really  like both of them. To top it off, they’re super cheap. Hope you like this outfit!


SCHOOL IS OUT!! Which means 1) im a senior…how and 2) im going to start having to make my own lunches everyday (believe me, im not complaining). I randomly found some naan bread sitting on my kitchen counter and decided to add some pesto and mozzarella to it and it may have turned out to be the best thing ever.

– Naan

1// Cut your naan in half.

2// spread pesto on one of the sides.

3// cut mozzarella and lay on top of pesto.

4// stick in 400 degree oven for 8-12 minutes.

And you’re done! See, wasn’t that so easy. Hope you guys like this as much as I have been!



long time, no post. honestly I don’t even know what I have been doing recently that has kept me busy but I feel like I haven’t had much down time (which is ironic because I have never had more down time in my life). summer is almost here (one week!!) and I could not be more ready for it. I’ve finally hit the “i don’t care about anything I just want to be done” stage and with exams this week, its the wrong time for that. anyways, im actually procrastinating right now, and decided to make a list of summer goals.

1// Put 75% of what I make into the bank. this summer is all about saving for college. im nannying for a family I love so it should be a good time.

2// be better at socializing. for this whole school year I have decided more times then not to just stay home then go to a party with friends so my goal for the summer is to go out and meet more people.

3// be better at posting. the reason I started this blog was because of a medical problem I had earlier this year where the doctor thought it would help to write down different stuff. however, through the last year of doing this , ive learned that I really enjoy it and being creative with different things I can make. also, I want to start doing weekly updates on my life with pictures so I can go back and look at what ive done.

4// get to the beach. this is the first summer in years that we don’t have a beach vacation planned and im very upset about it (complain everyday, my parents are sick of me). hopefully I can work my convincing magic and ill get to the ocean at least once.

5// record a video of my whole summer. this summer is bittersweet because its my last summer before senior year aka last summer that im not going to college. im all about capturing memories that I can look back on so I thought attempting to record a lot of it would not only be fun for me but a great way of remembering what happened. I want to get a gopro but that kind of ties in with my first goal of needing to save money. im working on that one from my parents too haha.

6// Consistently workout. I bought the Kayla Itsine’s workout a few months ago and have not been able to keep up with it so my goal is to at least use it 5 days a week for a month.

im also considering doing 101 in 1001 days since it would give me something to do if im ever bored and make some memories during senior year. so happy its finally summer and I have time to do more things (and not having to think about a test or project for a few months..).

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