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prom is in less than a week!! everything seems to be coming together and I am so excited to see how the night turns out. after prom our school hosts an “after prom” where you they have activities set up and food but heres the catch- you’re locked in there until 3 am. while my friends and I did consider that we all agreed that we would be in the corner sleeping by the end of the night so instead we are going to my friends house and having our first girl-boy sleepover (I know, big deal haha). because I imagine myself as a party planner in my head, I said that I would help decorate for the big night. I thought I would share the inspiration pictures I picked with you..
1// for the photo booth I thought the tassles (hoping that’s what they’re called) would look really good hanging in the back. also really like the silver and pale pink together.
2 & 2a// I have this vision in my head of balloons covering her basement floating on the ceiling with  the strings hanging down.
3// okay this one is the biggest stretch and probably wont happen but how cool would it be to have stringed lights going from wall to wall. so then the only lights on would be those which would set the mood haha (not inappropriate mood.. c’mon). another thing I like is the “cheers” in this picture and changing it to “prom.”
although I doubt all of these things will come together, its still fun to imagine and plan. hopefully I will have some cool pictures to share next week from the night!

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