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this spring break has been spent road tripping across the Midwest in hopes of finding a college that I could see myself going to. going into this I was really unsure about this whole process and didn’t want to come to the realization that this is happening and it will be here before I know it. it’s actually been way better then I imagined it to be and two colleges in so far I could see myself at both. at first I wanted a college that was small so I would know people and have a close relationship with my professors but after touring University of Minnesota im thinking that I now want a bigger school. 
University of Minnesota- Liked this school so much more then I thought I was going too. I really liked the dorm I saw but keep having to remind myself that they’re not all like that. this school has a really good mass communications program which has a lot of internship options. it also is probably the closest to home I will go.
University of St. Thomas- This school is definitely much smaller. I really like how they have walk-on sports and closer relationship with the professors but I am wondering if I should go out of my comfort zone while I have the opportunity. at the same time, I do think I would get adjusted to this campus better because im surrounded around people that come from a similar background as me.
Kansas university- we just got here today but I already love it. this is by far the farthest from home and the farthest I will go but it has a really cool downtown with the cutest places to eat (aka the table view I have in the pictures, so good). I haven’t gone to the campus yet and from the map it looks farther from downtown then I would like but i’ll see tomorrow as we explore.

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