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We (my mom and I) toured two big schools and two small schools. Going into this I thought for sure that I wanted a small school but through this process I learned that a bigger school is actually what I am more interested in. Basically this trip turned everything that I wanted to things that I didn’t wanted. The two major ones were how big they were and the distance from home. My favorite of the schools I toured was University of Kansas. It was in then perfect sized city, the school had a great feeling to it, and is huge with greek life which is a huge plus for me. BUT, it is ten hours from my house! That is so far and I don’t know if I would be able to be that far away. I am starting to wonder if I just get out of my comfort zone for college as its the only time I have this opportunity to do so. Let me tell you, this is some scary stuff. If I am this scared about this right now I cant imagine how its going to be when I actually have to leave.

Now for my memory sake (basically what this whole post is) I am writing a pro and con for my favorite two schools I toured.

University of Minnesota-

-Probably closest to home I will get
-A lot of cedarburg people go there which will make adjusting easier
-nice dorms
-great classes with a ton of internship opportunities
-mall of America is close by;)

-it is huge and in the city
-class size is very large

University of Kansas-

-Love Lawrence
-greek life
-really liked the journalism school
-NEW DORMS (huge on my list of essentials)
-I could easily double major

-realllyyy far from home

I guess it is very assuring that there are thousands of kids just like me making these decisions. when you went to college did you stay close to home or go far away and did you like it?


  1. When I was applying for colleges I was in the same boat. I thought I wanted a small school, but it turns out I'm more of a big school kind of girl. Basically everything I thought I would want turned around and I got the opposite. It's definitely not a bad thing, it's just different than I had imagined.
    One of my best friends is going to University of Kansas next year and she's super excited about it! It seems like such an awesome school. I'm going to University of Colorado at Boulder next year and, even though it's super close to home, I couldn't be more excited! Honestly, I think wherever you end up will be the right place for you, and if not, then you can always transfer!!

  2. This comment made me feel so much better! Kind of jealous that you will be super close to home, KU is pushing the time limit so much farther then I ever imagined! You'll need to keep update with your blog on your college journey so I can read about it!

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