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Tassels are everywhere lately. Recently, while I was at a local boutique I saw string tassels and I loved this version of them. I got thinking about how I could create these for my room and found that these are SO easy to make.

-String (I didn’t even use a whole thing of string and I got 10 small tassels)
-A box or book the length you want your tassels to be
Optional: Tape (highly recommended!)

1// Cut a piece of string that can be taped to the box. This will be used to later tie onto the final long string.

2// Wrap the string around your box. I wrapped my string around 20 times.

3// Undo the taped string and tie it in a knot around the pieces of string that were just wrapped.

4// Take the string off of the box and cut the bottom. (DO NOT cut the end you just tied!)

5// Tie another string an inch or two below the top of the tassel giving it the bubble effect.


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